a haiku:
Service is not good.
i went back to address it.
I'll never return!

a limerick:
Me and a group of friend went there.
Why is my rating unfair?
Ate here this am.
Nothing but a sham.
It was like they just didn't care.

Roses are red.
Full my ass.
No wifi available in the bedrooms at all.

a limerick:
This place will go down vv the tubes auper quick.
The eggs had a crust on them 1/2" thick.
But, both are half-assed here.
I think they have gone down hill quick.

a limerick:
Not coming back here again.
I thought it was pretty lame then.
Pitbull's all over the place.
There just isn't space.
Anyways.... never again!

Roses are red.
How about trying to make it right?
total, resembled fine ground bacon bits.
Perhaps it was an off night.

a limerick:
Not sure why it took so long.
Food was ok drinks were not strong.
Never will return.
But you live and learn.
I don't think they will be there long.

Roses are red.
This is just the place.
It's just not special enough.
The dessert was literally the only saving grace.

a limerick:
No, OK well then have they called?
I could not be more appalled!
With a bone and without.
Always sold out.
But wait I was never called.

a limerick:
I see what you're doing, though.
This place went downhill so fast
This place is a mess.
Lucky for us.
I took my order to go.

a haiku:

They just called our name......Woo Hooo.
Do not hit this place!!

Roses are red.
The location and layout was great.
Will likely avoid this store.
Just look at the bottom of the plate.

a haiku:
Service was soo poor.
Will never eat here again!
Over $2,300 overall.

a haiku:
Please don't go to this KFC.
Waited in drive thru for 10 min.
Nothing impressive.

a limerick:
I used a debit card online.
They all walked away.
They serve all day.
Track status of your car online?

Roses are red.
For sure.
It was OK.
Very immature.

Roses are red.
Pricing was not too bad, though.
why do these guys suck?
Took my food to go.

Roses are red.
I would try it.
Where do I begin?
Pizza is expensive for what you get.

Roses are red.
Never aging going back!
Cut a girl some slack.

Roses are red.
Walls are not stocked.
So let me start out.
Very disappointed and shocked!

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