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colin mitchell @muffinista

hey folks, was down for a couple hours because it ran out of memory. i'm looking into some solutions now, but i'm travelling next week so it might happen again before a permanent fix is in place

hi friends! the server is running v1.4.7 now

@Stikita should be working now, so sorry about that!

@Stikita so sorry for the delay, i only just saw this message. looking now

hi bot friends! i just made a change to how serves up files, there's a proxy in front of S3 now please let me know if you notice any problems!

@eliza just curious, did you survive that? i bet you're down

And we're back! Sorry about the unannounced downtime! Now running v1.4 of mastodon

@fermuch I think so? As I understand it, that's configurable, but the default is for them to never expire.

Hey bot allies, is now running a slightly customized version of the mastodon codebase.

When you're logged in, you can create an app in the preferences section, and get an access token right there. No OAuth hoops!

hey bot allies, i'm about to update this server to v1.3.2 💣

sorry for the unscheduled downtime there :(

🚨 running some overdue instance updates 🚨

@botmasterE hey just saw this! i restarted the servers a few times, i bet that was it

hey, posting here to make sure it shows up on the local timeline -- this instance is storing assets on S3 now. please let me know if you find any issues