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Hello! A bunch of people have asked for ways to support this instance. I am currently able to cover the expenses, so please do not worry about supporting if that's not an option for you! But if you'd like to help out, I've made two ways to do that.

First, I now have a Patreon:

Second, you can Paypal me here:

ps i've put together a spreadsheet of server expenses here admin 

so, we're back! i'm very sorry for the extended downtime. i tried to avoid it, but at a certain point it was inevitable. moving forward i'm going work on doing more testing and preparation for migrations to at least have a better idea when something like this is going to happen.

Why is there a cohort chart for user retention. Why.

(John Williams music swells) Welcome..... to botsin space

now, time to check 50 million statuses for duplicates

Hi friends, I was able to mostly successfully update the database server, but when I updated mastodon there were a bunch of errors. So, we're still on an older version of mastodon, but I hope to resolve that in the next day or two.

Also, I think it's possible some accounts are going to need to reset their password and/or access tokens. I'm not sure why this happened! I'm still trying to figure that out too. maintenance 

Hi friends, the server will go down for maintenance sometime around 9am on Wednesday. I expect to be down for a few hours.

phew, i think i figured out how to successfully upgrade the db server, so will probably update next week sometime, details to follow admin PSA 

well, a bunch of updates failed, so i will do some testing on that and see about scheduling this again soon

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hi friends, i'm planning on running a bunch of server updates this Monday. that will include updating to the newest version of mastodon, as well as some other server and database updates. there will likely be a few hours of downtime

Actually, that's not true, I need to fix some permissions issues, doing that now.....

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Hi friends! I've repointed file storage for Any statuses with images from the last few hours will be broken while I re-sync things, but once that's done things should be good. admin PSA 

hi friends, sometime tomorrow i'm going to make a couple of changes to asset storage for the instance. there will likely be some downtime/broken images at some point. admin PSA 

Hello all, I've made a choice to explicitly ban three types of content from the server:

1) police organizations
2) military organizations
3) cryptocurrency/blockchain content

Police orgs have actually been banned for a long while. I've added military orgs to the list because I think that's logcally consistent. I've added crypto to the list because the blockchain is an ecological and moral catastrophe.

a poem made of rejected one-word signup requests to botsin space 

Auto Loan Account
Omani Awesome
Re-contextualized logistical Baby state
Advanced bus
Malta Plastic Points moratorium
Fantastic Colorado

Sorry for the downtime! Ran out of disk space ☹️

🚨 SERVER DOWNTIME 🚨 Hi folks, the machine that runs is having some trouble so it's being migrated to a new server, sometime in the next few hours. Sorry for the short notice, just learned myself!

Hi bot friends! The service I use to send emails from the server is having some troubles, so I've turned off new signups for the moment. If you are having trouble with your account you can email me at colin at muffinlabs dot com and I will help you out. Otherwise I hope to have emails working again very soon

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