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OK, now I think we're really back. Not my finest hour, sorry for the downtime!

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Hi friends! Well, this upgrade went..... poorly. I think is back now, but I might need to hack at a few things before I'm done.

PSA: Planning on running server upgrades this coming Wednesday!

Hey bot friends, just wanted to give a heads up that I am travelling for the next few days, so there might be some delays in any moderation/signup requests. admin PSA 

hello to everyone signing up here to check out @SecretlyPublicDomain! if you like bots and/or art things, please say hello to the other bots here too PSA 

Hi folks, blocking because it's the spammiest spammer that ever did spam signup PSA 

PSA: I'm planning on running some updates to tomorrow morning (ie ~24 hours from now)

Hi friends, I'm getting a weird error here, no idea if other people are getting it, and I'm travelling so debugging it is a little tricky! pls let me know if you are experiencing weird issues

gab signup PSA 


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