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PSA: I'm planning on running some updates to tomorrow morning (ie ~24 hours from now)

Hi friends, I'm getting a weird error here, no idea if other people are getting it, and I'm travelling so debugging it is a little tricky! pls let me know if you are experiencing weird issues

gab signup PSA 


masto meta, don't read really 

mastodon 2.8.0?

PSA: I will likely upgrade to v2.8 tomorrow if I'm feeling brave.

PSA:, spam 

PSA:, spam 

PSA:, spam 

PSA:, spam 

Hi folks, new account signups are off for a bit while I hammer on some spam prevention

PSA: I wrote some code last night to prevent sending DMs to someone who does not follow you, if a link is included in the status. That's running on now. Hopefully it helps with spam issues.

This is the commit:

If it works out, I'll refine it and write a PR for the main repo.

PSA:, tor, etc 

PSA:, tor, etc 

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