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guy going to the forbidden reference part of the library after dark and blowing the dust off “Java 2D Graphics” by Knudsen, with the woodcut fish on the cover

every phone has 5G if you shake it fast enough

wasted a frankly obscene amount of time trying to debug a problem with a Rails app yesterday before I found out the root issue is a TWELVE YEAR OLD BUG IN FIREFOX

seems hacky and bad, but it seems to be nearly the only thing that will actually work

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apparently the best/only way to have an HTML span with alternate screenreader text is to just use two spans, one visually-hidden (e.g. .sr-only or .visually-hidden CSS class) and another screenreader-hidden (e.g. aria-hidden="true" attribute)

Agathon, TrGF 39 F 11 = Ath.5.185b, tr. Olson

τὸ μὲν πάρεργον ἔργον ὣς ποιούμεθα,
τὸ δ᾿ ἔργον ὡς πάρεργον ἐκπονούμεθα

We are treating what is secondary as our main task, and working at our main task as if it were secondary.

possibly fake petroglyphs 

@ryanfb its hard to tell because they have painted over the lines to make them more visible like the Scandy rock art specialists do

also it very much seems like it’s about to be pitched as aligning perfectly with modern nationalist boundaries and goals

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there’s not enough information to actually go on, but the style and wear of the drawing looks nothing like I would expect for the time + region

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speaking of fakes, I’m very unconvinced by this inscription that’s been circulating

I think this post may have finally cajoled someone into doing scientific material testing of this object 🎉

using a restored classical Latin pronunciation to say “Prime Video”

“Ted Lasso” ➜ θεόδορον λασῶ ➜ I will escape the notice of god’s gift

british library please tell me you're just accidentally mixing up papyrus inventory numbers on social media and not during your actual recataloguing and imaging efforts

actually, in this case, I *just* managed to decrypt the disk, but the process was completely counterintuitive and none of the current search results I could find had the correct solution, so I may write it up as a blog post

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all praise working Time Machine backups, which have saved this self-destructive iMac countless times at this point now

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