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μὴ παιδὶ μάχαιραν

Don’t give a child a knife.

Diogenianus 6.46

“In a parody of Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish Language Week) Myles ran ‘English Language Week’ […] and headed each Cruiskeen Lawn installment with ‘This is English Language Week’. As a footer was the plea, in Irish, that during this week anyone with English should speak it.”

So there’s an Ancient Greek word “βομβυλιός” (bombylios) which means “bumblebee” and you’re telling me this is the best you got for the etymology of “bumblebee”? t.co/paTiV2c2Uy

[whispering to date while watching Winchester when they first drive up on Winchester] that’s Winchester

In other exciting book news, @NevilleMorley's "Classics: Why It Matters" will soon be making its way to me (amzn.to/2IP73e0) t.co/LpTBDKTxB4

The best sight translation advice I ever received: just read the entire passage 2-4+ times before you write any of your translation. Things will gradually come into focus as context, constraints, vocabulary, and meanings shared among the sentences resolve themselves in your mind.

The Scattered King is still my favorite Destiny DLC though

Elon Musk is also strongly against ever incorporating LIDAR into Tesla's products, claiming it's too expensive. However, he's not against selling you a non-existent "full self-driving capability" package for $8,000 right now. wired.com/story/tesla-autopilo

Directly from the NTSB report (ntsb.gov/investigations/Accide):
“the system first registered radar and LIDAR observations of the pedestrian about 6 seconds before impact, when the vehicle was traveling at 43 mph”

LIDAR did, in fact, see them in the dark:

While the vehicle’s guidance system had spotted the woman about six seconds before hitting her, emergency braking manoeuvres were not enabled in order to “reduce the potential for erratic vehicle behavior”

Apparently humidity just set off my smoke alarm at 1AM. I am definitely awake now

Looks like tomorrow I’ll be putting in a purchase request for P.Oxy. 83…

We're already increasingly a nation of renters *due* to income inequality. The lack of renters' rights is only going to make that inequality increasingly worse.

Renters' rights should be considered a human rights issue and part of federal law, instead of a mishmash of state laws which leave renters with no protections in almost all states (including NC): heraldsun.com/news/local/count

Background blog post on the CyArk data here: ryanfb.github.io/etc/2018/04/2
Next post will likely be strategies for dealing with gigantic E57 files, followed by some experiments with the photogrammetry data, and then maybe some point cloud meshing.

CyArk 3D data still slowly going up on @internetarchive here: archive.org/search.php?query=c
Currently going from smallest to largest, and uploading datasets that only have LiDAR first for simplicity (vs. those that also have images for photogrammetry).