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uspol / slavery 

The US government is about declare that Juneteenth is a federal holiday on the very same day it ruled that American corporations are allowed to use slave labor abroad with zero repercussions

[defeating a security screw by using the corresponding security bit]

Studying modern Greek on Duolingo? Call that taking owls to Athens

(full disclosure, I'm on this project's advisory board)

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The project is also hiring two three-year postdocs, one in Digital Humanities and one in Codicology, Materials Analysis, and/or Provenance, at a salary of $66,592.51 (+ $2,405.84 annual grant for travel/expenses). Circulate to anyone you think might be interested & qualified!

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Brent Nongbri has an exciting new project—The Early History of the Codex: A New Methodology and Ethics for Manuscript Studies (EthiCodex)

my favorite webpacker feature is unfixable security alerts for dependencies from webpacker itself that aren't in any emitted code

@ryanfb what about HTML Image Maps Blazing Over the Wire, so it’s HIMBOW

on the backend, you use Selenium with your One Approved Browser to render each page to a PNG screenshot which is delivered to the client

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deliver your entire website with the latest new technology, "HTML Image Maps Over the Wire"

"λύω λέσχας, 'cut the cackle', prov. for breaking off discussion and setting to work in earnest"

having a katabasis and an anabasis is also known as “having all your baseis covered”

fun fact: if you're in tmux backscroll, the foreground process gets suspended??

Oh, you put all the untranslated terms and quotes in *italics*? I can totally understand them now

always appreciate when an ebook retains the notice that it was printed “on acid-free 30 percent postconsumer wastepaper”

“video game demos”? you’re telling me there’s a whole city for video games?

“γνῶθι ΣΕΑΥΤΌΝ”? THAT’S what I was missing??

“librarian”…we could have had “bibliophylax”

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