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ah, fantastic, the mac in my office which i remote into to do all my work has been shut down, and i probably won't be able to go back in to turn it back on for a full month

‪furiously hollering “this translation isn’t accurate at all!” while reading someone else’s translation, before stomping off and producing a wildly inaccurate translation of my own‬

work has thankfully decided that maybe they should postpone the planned power outages while every single employee is locked out of the building

How is it that “gormy” means “clumsy”, but “gormless” means “foolish”?

ἔρχεσθαι ἐπανέρχεσθαι ἐστίν

Finally started reading Lathe of Heaven without knowing anything about it going in, and folks, if you want some reading to take your minds off of current events…this is not the book

I finally did it, I finally upgraded all my ancient-ass Heroku apps off of deprecated stacks

Every time someone suggests we should just let millions upon millions of people die to supposedly "save the economy", a cartoon grim reaper should appear out of nowhere and thank them for volunteering themselves for the sake of capitalism

Wife asked me if I’d “ever heard of ‘Animal Crossing’” and I revealed my dark secret that during college I made thousands of dollars selling hacked AC:WW items on eBay back when modding a DS required arcane knowledge and soldering

Day 14 of quarantine: I’ve invented “double cheese toast”, where you toast some bread, spread pimento cheese on it, cover *that* in grated cheddar, then stick it back under the broiler

Wonder what sort of traffic spikes LibGen/z-lib/SciHub are seeing from nearly every physical library being closed…

Reminder that even if bread is sold out everywhere, and commercial yeast is sold out everywhere, if you have flour in your pantry you can still make sourdough starter to harness the wild yeast that’s always everywhere.

Feeling left out or lost because you *don't* have a conference call to join during these trying times? I've got the site just for you:

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Working from home pro-tip: if you have e.g. a MacBook hooked up to an Apple Cinema Display with iSight, you can alternate between the cameras on Zoom like you're running a fancy talk show

Incredibly baffled by trying to use literally any ROM organizer in existence, so I rolled my own:


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