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‪ὀπιτθοτίλα (opitthotila)‬
‪—“backward-diarrhea-squirter”, Theban for cuttlefish‬

I’ve adopted a colleague’s habit of requesting pickup/delivery even for books that are in the open stacks and reader: there is no greater form of research decadence

Workshopping a who’s-on-first-style combination beer nerd and Ancient Greek bit where I pretend the “oude” in “oude gueuze” is “οὐδέ”

EA Wallis Budge and his brother, EA Sports Wallis Budge

Another genderless insult you can use when you desprately need a genderless insult 

I think Jeopardy's Greatest of All Time tournament is the first time I've watched Jeopardy since learning Ancient Greek and Latin, and wow, learning Ancient Greek and Latin really helps with Jeopardy questions

wild that i can just request all these books from the library and they'll email me when i can go pick them up at the front desk

love it when a $60+ teubner's sole review on amazon is just like "text is greek?! one star"

looks like by reading it I'll also learn Arabic?

Only just found out last night that you can buy Helen DeWitt's stuck-in-publishing-limbo-for-over-a-decade novel directly from her by PayPal'ing her $8 or more:

A word of advice to all the new sysops out there:



Under any circumstances


Use a hardware RAID card.

ALWAYS do it in software.

Heard about a very High Profile Archive that apparently has ca.200 basically-uncataloged unconserved papyri sitting in a box, as well as a “scholar” who formerly worked there but still thinks they have exclusive publication rights to all of them despite not actually working on publishing any of them. Insanely tempted to convince someone to give me money to go photograph the whole thing and put the images online

[whispering under my breath whenever a king is doing something in the Iliad/Odyssey] wow…king shit…

One of the other papyri in this archive was described, never transcribed or photographed, and destroyed in WWII :\

Celebrated this papyrus’ 2,265th birthday by entering a new edition for it in;186;239

‪Had a dream last night I was sight translating for a final in a Greek course where the professor was reading aloud and intentionally mistranslating ‬things to throw us off 🙃

guy at the bike shop was somewhat astounded i'd been running the same shifter cables for a decade before one broke. bar-end shifters baybeeeeee

Google Maps just said “Welcome Home” to me…disgusting

might have to ride my single-speed to work tomorrow because the front shifter cable on my commuter snapped. wait what

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