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nothing gets my hackles up faster than someone claiming something is in copyright when it is not, in fact, in copyright

Plutarch's Life of Lucullus, or as this edition cites it, "Πλȣ́τ. ἐν Βίῳ Λȣκȣ́λλȣ."

I don't know who needs to see this, but the "Dublin" in "Dublin Core" refers to Dublin, Ohio

My computing requirements are actually very simple, these days. I just need a terminal with ssh/mosh, as well as something that can handle over one thousand open web browser tabs

at the "huh, maybe i should dockerize my entire pandoc environment" stage of article revision procrastination

[richard ayoade doing "travel man" at an olive garden] you're HERE, but are you FAMILY?

Finally realized that Sean B. Carroll and Sean M. Carroll are two different people. I thought they were just one super-prolific science writer.

[reading a German bibliography] this "Ders" person sure is prolific

Finished David W. Anthony's "The Horse, the Wheel, and Language: How Bronze-Age Riders from the Eurasian Steppes Shaped the Modern World" over the weekend. A great read if you're interested in linguistics, archaeology, or Proto-Indo-European:

logging into my retirement account to see how much of a payout i got from a successful employee class-action lawsuit over fund mismanagement. oh welp, it's twenty whole dollars

holy wow, was running an rclone copy on my synology and getting like 1MB/s up, moved it to running on a full PC that just accesses the synology over NFS and getting 50MB/s up

still can't decide if the best base system replacement would be unRAID, proxmox, or Ubuntu LTS

the ancient, unupgradeable(?) OpenSSL inside my ancient, unupgradeable(?) FreeNAS jails may be what finally pushes me over the edge on completely wiping my FreeNAS install and moving it over to something that isn't a complete unmaintainable garbage fire

General query: what’s the fastest and most reliable mobile book scanning app you know of? Ideally can produce binarized, cropped, dewarped PDFs.

The existence of Waldo implies the existence of an equal and opposite “Maldo”

My Homebrew AliceVision formula has been fixed for Boost 1.71 and updated for AliceVision 2.2.0:

Also feeling real salty about people who try to guilt trip me about not submitting to their workshop/conference/whatever. Unless you're paying for my travel + accommodation, the answer is no

Hmmm seems like I missed registering as a reviewer for this conference that always has reviews due during the holidays because they only gave like five days notice to register as a reviewer

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