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📂 Bookmark audio from the web (podcasts, videos, lectures, interviews, radio segments, news articles)

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Registrations for are now officially open! 🎉

PodQueue is designed to make it easy to bookmark audio from the web (podcasts, lectures, interviews, radio segments) and listen to it later in your favorite podcast client 🎧

Please try it out and boost!

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MAME 0.248 supports .moof files, which are disk images of copy protected Mac floppy disks. ("Moof" is the sound a dogcow makes.)

Hey, that gives me an idea.


“A Moof A Day”

Macintosh .moof disk images of copy protected software, verified in multiple emulators, full metadata, downloadable or playable in your browser. Also: raw flux files, visualizations, handcrafted screenshots, &c.

One of the great unsolved digital preservation problems: migrating laptop stickers from one machine to another.

September 23rd, 183 CE— Ischyrion apprentices a boy named Thonis to the weaver Heraclas for 5 years. Thonis will be furnished with a tunic per year, gradually increasing pay starting about halfway in, and 20 vacation days per year.;4;725

come on down to Amatius', home of the zero-goose-interest geese lease

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September 21st, 176 CE— Nilammon, Ponnis, and Orsenouphis lease 23 geese from Amatius for a period of one year, after which they will return 23 geese (paying a zero goose interest rate);8;961a

Played through some old Japan-only PC-88 games on stream last night, archive is here:

- setting up the quasi88 emulator
- loading & playing Nausicaä using Rani Baker's guide
- experiments in d88 extraction/injection
- using UmbrellaTerms' Horror House translation to show how to load/play t88 tape files

Actually! Relieved to find out that the Game Preservation Society in Japan ( holds a physical copy (and hopefully a digital one, too)

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As far as I can tell, the original 1.0 single-level cassette version of the PC-88 game “Dragon Slayer” (an early influential action RPG) is completely undumped/unpreserved:

September 14th, 109 BCE— the disabled cobbler Petermouthis writes to the strategos Ptolemaios, accusing the chief of police Dionysios of entering his workshop with his goons & dragging him through the street to shake him down for money

PSA: if your Xcode install upgrades to Xcode 14 and breaks your Command Line Tools-supplied version of `git` on macOS, what you need to do is run `xcodebuild -runFirstLaunch`. Without doing this or interactively launching Xcode, running `git` will just continually try to reinstall Command Line Tools to fix itself but it will never work!

September 12th, 69 CE— Pekysis & Haplus lease the sisters Stotoetis & Heriea 13.5 acres of land for 3 years in exchange for 40 artabai of wheat per year as rent. The sisters also agree to undertake the necessary agricultural work.;2;644

The main way I use PodQueue is that I just save things that look interesting to me throughout the day, then later when I’m doing chores or driving or whatever I have a playlist of things that are interesting to me that I can listen to.

Try it yourself!

September 8th, 224 BCE— Amadokos writes to Kleon saying that Dorion & Heriobastis hijacked a boat of women and stole, among other things:

- footbaths
- a big ladle
- 2 wool pillows
- a perfume box
- an ivory unguent box
- 2 jars of wine
- vases

under-utilized speech opener: pull a "Webster's dictionary defines…" BUT use the ancient lexica instead. "Photios defines 'arete' as 'εὐδοξία'". nobody will have any idea what you're talking about. this gives you the upper hand

Found someone who made an NES arrangement of "Bolero" (, so here's a glimpse into an alternate reality:

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