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um EXCUSE me, how presumptious

Hi @AmazonHelp please don't automatically change my search terms out from under me unless there are literally zero results t.co/Yt1FAp8g6i

Wow, there's now a GitHub flow for deleting not just your branch but your entire fork after closing a PR. Much appreciated!

More accurate headline: State-sponsored antiquities robbers racing against antiquities robbers in hunt for Dead Sea Scrolls haaretz.com/archaeology/expert

Listening to banned albums that aren't available on any streaming service via the Dark Web (aka my Plex server import of my old iTunes library)

Been updating my Docker image for Kraken OCR today, there's no more default entrypoint you have to override, and all the `ketos` commands should now work! hub.docker.com/r/ryanfb/kraken

Updated the Book Aligner indexes (ryanfb.github.io/book-aligner/), some stats since the last run a year ago:
- 5M more books in @InternetArchive
- 1M more books in @HathiTrust
- 218,435 more IA/HT matches
- 13 fewer IA/Google Books matches(??)

Inspired by @PonteIneptique and @AvStockh, I'm experimenting with training an edition-specific OCR model for Gaza's Attic paraphrase of the Iliad—by using the facing Iliad pages as ground truth. You can follow along or help out here: ryanfb.github.io/kraken-gaza-i

Knowing a language really comes in handy when you need to make OCR ground truth data in that language! Who would have thought?!

Bust your data out of its silo! Put it into our silo instead! And then we'll shut it down and delete it! t.co/rdwzyVI09H

Finished "The Classical Debt: Greek Antiquity in an Era of Austerity" by Dr. Johanna Hanink, and it's both excellent and critical in interrogating colonialist and white supremacist uses of antiquity in the construction of the West's ideas of modern Greece: amzn.to/2Ef3ytu

Tired: read 100 lines of Homer every day / Wired: read one book of Homer every weekend

Working my way through Iliad book 5, featuring fanfic star Aeneas, and Ares with a repeated full hexameter of Homeric epithet:

Ἆρες Ἄρες βροτολοιγὲ μιαιφόνε τειχεσιπλῆτα

Someone just asked me about a weird grammatical phenomenon in an Ancient Greek text they were reading and I was able to recall and point them to another instance of the same phenomenon in Herodotus with an explanation. A total fluke, but I'll take it!

Finished reading Soldier of Arete last night and started Soldier of Sidon, and it strikes me that if you like AC:Odyssey and/or AC:Origins, Gene Wolfe's Latro series might be right up your alley…

“ἔα· τί χρῆμα;” is also the Euripidean formula for when Kramer bursts into Jerry’s apartment t.co/Wxcml53fs5

Ever wanted to do Ancient Greek text-to-speech? Don't really care if it's…not great? Well, you're in luck! gist.github.com/ryanfb/913f727 (improvements welcome)

Scrum effort estimation scores should be the number of browser tabs you can close after completing a task.

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