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📂 Bookmark audio from the web (podcasts, videos, lectures, interviews, radio segments, news articles)

🎧 Listen to it later in your favorite podcast client!

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Registrations for are now officially open! 🎉

PodQueue is designed to make it easy to bookmark audio from the web (podcasts, lectures, interviews, radio segments) and listen to it later in your favorite podcast client 🎧

Please try it out and boost!

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ok I thought people were exaggerating about this “Paul Giamatti egg scene” but I’m going to have to cut and post the entire thing at some point because it’s art

a fun pastime is to imagine how comical any given English word would sound with a restored classical Latin pronunciation and then realize with creeping horror that it comes from Latin roots

Some important context for the recent claims for establishing a cosmic airburst at Tall el-Hammam ca. 1650BCE (and trying to link it to the biblical story of Sodom):

been developing with Rails for over a decade and just made my first Rails PR:

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as someone who's been using an iPhone since 1G and *still* would sometimes accidentally go to the home screen when trying to switch tabs in Safari, I actually really like the new iOS 15 Safari tabs-on-bottom and tab-switching

heads up if you’re using 1Password with Dropbox sync, don’t even bother with trying the iOS 15 web extension:

but seems like my only choices for developing an iOS 15 web extension are to buy a new Mac or unofficial-patch-install Big Sur onto an old Mac, because the last Xcode that will install on my Macs only supports building Safari 15 web extensions not iOS 15 web extensions

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You know what I want, I want a better option when some site says, "to access this file we need to see and download your entire address book". I want more than "yes" or "no". I want "lie to it." Give it an address book full of noise. Tell Dropbox I only know one person, but he's the Pope."

according to the Egyptian calendar we’re currently in the month of Thoth, which in Greek also makes an A+ uwu face:


Any large web app that uses the old web developer trick of passing some data/state between actions with hidden form inputs without validating that data server-side probably has a whole lot of completely random strings saved from Firefox users!

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…and since Rails uses hidden inputs by default for CSRF protection and non-standard HTTP methods, you’ll by default see random “Invalid Authenticity Token” errors and form inputs getting routed to the wrong action

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Kind of wild to me that this bug is so long-lived and little-known, since any large website will get a non-zero amount of completely random junk strings from Firefox users for hidden form inputs

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Just published a Ruby gem for Rails apps that adds an autocomplete="off" attribute to all Rails-generated hidden form inputs, since Firefox has a 12-year-old bug that will populate hidden form inputs with random values otherwise:

my new go-to example for an extremely appropriate use of the Homeric dual

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