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can’t buy any digital switch games that are currently on sale because my switch probably won’t get here until after the sale ends 😔 en-americas-support.nintendo.c

you’re telling me an assassin wrote this creed?

Zoïs to her brother Ischyrion, greetings,
Nobody brought me a letter ASKING for bread, but look, if you send a letter with Kollouthos, I'll send you an artaba immediately. If you want to go to Alexandria, see Apollos…
, November 25th, 30 CE;10;129

That there’s now a series of detective novels & TV shows named “Van der Valk” has made it much harder to search for the philologist, Marchinus Hyminus Arnoldus Leonardus Hendrikus van der Valk

This exempli's gratia, but the next one'll cost ya

You can now clone this repo, run `docker-compose up`, and have a completely local running copy of

Making your hostname 255 characters long? That’s a hostname with the mostname

Daily motivation: tackle something with the same persistence that YouTube has for trying to trick you into subscribing to YouTube Premium

Asked a German professor if they knew the Ancient Greek for “to swim”.

“Nein,” they answered.

I really want a “in THIS economy??” bot that goes through and does the joke for every “X & Y” titled page on Wikipedia


Louis Pasteur: Guys. It’s time for some germ theory.

Fishmonger asked who was responsible for repealing the Draconian laws and laying the foundations for Athenian democracy.

Headed out the door, I said “Solon, and thanks for all the fish”

Reading popular history about something I’m not familiar with: wow, cool, I never knew that

Reading popular history about something I *am* familiar with: wow, this is, in fact, wrong


For whatever its other faults, pure random sortition would only ever give us about a 1 in 170 million chance of electing Donald J. Trump

It has to come from an RSS feed enclosure element for it to be called a podcast, otherwise it’s just sparkling paywalled dudes talking over each other

the price tiers on this SaaS product are “free”, “$12,000 per year”, and “contact us”

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