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Maybe Grammar-Translation *does* have a place at the table, it's just in English classes instead of foreign languages

One odd aspect of Grammar-Translation language instruction is that while it often does a poor job of teaching you the L2, it teaches you very particular ways of writing in and thinking about the grammar of your L1

Biking is mostly a process of congratulating yourself for your own strength while going downhill & cursing yourself for your own weakness while going uphill

[sets HTTP Referer header] *hacker voice* i’m in

Wrote a script that will let you download any PDF from the academia dot edu hellsite without logging in. Go hog wild!

Ah well, that was a waste of time - the DS driver isn't fully implemented yet and is missing important details like "screens"

Oh wow, real account migration is finally going to be landing in Mastodon:

Attempting to cross-compile the MAME Nintendo DS driver into JavaScript with emscripten so I can put a bad homebrew game I wrote in 2006 on my

Via the "Ancient Greek - Comprehensible Input" Facebook page, I've just learned of - regularly scheduled Ancient Greek & Latin chats via online voice conferencing

Been doing some work on Dockerized CLTK (the Classical Language Toolkit - for ancient languages). Pretty happy with where it's at now: persistent data volumes AND a Jupyter notebook version!

Oh, a οἵη/τοίη simile? How hoity-toity

‪Ok, I’ve known there’s been a Latin Wikipedia for a while now. I did *not* know there’s also an incubator project for an Ancient Greek Wikipedia:

‪Bike commuting protip: the best piece of kit nobody mentions for fixing a flat is a pair of gloves, so that you can do it without getting completely filthy‬

People always say Socrates hated writing, but Protagoras 314 strikes me as unwittingly pro-book. If only Socrates could respond to my charge!

Ah, the sweet, sweet release of finally sending off peer review comments on a 50-page+ book chapter

My favorite feature of the productivity software, Microsoft SharePoint, designed for sharing files, is only being able to download a single file at a time, with four separate clicks per file

“The pass says ‘Never Ending Pasta’, not ‘Never Ending Sauce and Cooking’,” an Olive Garden manager explains as I dig in to my 25th plate of uncooked dry spaghetti

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