Recommended read for all white people: Robin DiAngelo's "White Fragility". Even and especially if you believe you're "not racist"

Love too build a bespoke build system before I can build your project

Another new favorite from the "signature" file. Apparently the classifier gets confused when you're not Sincerely, Eternally yours, etc.

I wish iOS had a toggle for each paired Bluetooth device - a step above having to do “forget this device” (and having to re-pair later). Would make living with multiple iOS and Bluetooth devices so much easier.

Nice little reference to Plato's Symposium in Odyssey's symposium...

Someone submitted a Gadsden Flag Sweet Potato to the NC State Fair, but hasn’t a sweet potato almost certainly been tread on?

*playing Assassin’s Creed, sitting on my horse, standing in a road*

*presses X*

There is no nearby road to follow.

Always a good sign of a healthy manufacturing operation when the employees have to secretly implement kanban to get anything done.

My favorite auto-extracted "signature" error so far:

“Yes great super it’s a centralized blockchain tracking the complete provenance of a work of art without storing any information on its owners, every part of this makes perfect sense, I have no further questions, carry on.”

Someone has created a pretty nice @memrise course for Layton’s “Coptic in 20 Lessons” here:

Are there any command-line tools for taking a collection of variously-sized images and generating an @EdwardTufte style "image quilt" ? There's a Chrome extension at, but when I try a large image collection it gets cut off, e.g.:

Some preliminary results from training an image classifier ( for extracting signature, date, and location from a collection of handwritten letters. Not bad for a training set of only around 100 images…

Cut this down from video recorded the other day: Cheesing Killing the Kalydonian Boar in

Just managed to accidentally cut myself pretty well with a sharp piece of ice, further proving that ice swords would be the perfect weapon for the perfect crime

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