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@lanodan_wtch That would be really cool, but unfortunately it's not possible.

@superdrew I'll look at halving the frequency for Mastodon

Source for @tv_sounds & @neural_tv now updated with Mastodon support at: github.com/ryanfb/neural_tv

Wonder if I should experiment with randomly hiding media behind spoiler text on here…

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a colorful kite is sitting on the ground

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Finally got @tv_sounds simul-tooting, going to port over @neural_tv & post source after work…

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- [bell rings]

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It looks like there was some kind of problem with my access token, which is weird because I could still get the authenticated account's details (and the app showed write access on my account's settings page)

@inkdroid That might help, thanks! Need to figure this out as well: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon-
Might just use the rest-client gem directly…

Having an issue with my first try at porting my bots over to Mastodon - I have read/write scopes, but when I try to upload media (via the mastodon-api gem) I get a "this action is outside the authorized scopes" forbidden error…

I made a little script to help make generating apps/tokens easer: github.com/ryanfb/mastodon-token-generator (primarily for botsin.space)