This seems like a problematic set of options for "title" @DH2019_NL @ADHOrg

"Just use Pandoc," they said, "It'll be easier than using LaTeX," they said…

τὸ τείνεσθαι ἄτοπον ἀλλὰ ναί

“weird flex but ok”

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Wondering why we don’t have “phthonic” on analogy with “chthonic”, but apparently I’m not the only one

Accidentally discovered by using the Chinese dictionary three times in a row: Kindle has a pinyin display mode(!)

This is how our kitten has decided to sleep on me.

Leafed through this book after stumbling across it in the stacks & it seemed incredibly bad, so I looked up reviews of it and YIKES: “Kopff's desire is for a radical return to the past. For instance, he advocates the repeal of the 14th Amendment”

(Oddly, even Cambridge University Press seems to have reprinted the first edition instead of the second or third:

There seems to be only one digitized copy of the 3rd edition of the first volume of J.E. Sandys' "A History of Classical Scholarship" (, but the B/W PDF derivatives are corrupt. So, here's a reprocessed version I made:

Interesting that Ancient Greek "ἕπομαι" ("follow") has both a physical sense and a sense we still have in English, of "following" an argument.

(This musing brought to you by the end of Plato's Symposium where both senses are used in close sequence:

Just learned there's a "headstone graveyard symbol" in Unicode that nobody implements and has no emoji version and therefore it's appropriately enough a GHOST EMOJI

Living on the edge and installing a formula from the homebrew BONEYARD 💀💀💀

Like reading about possibly-forged writing on metal? Then you’ll love this old post of mine about a metal codex in the the Epigraphic Museum of the Baths of Diocletian that might be an 18th century forgery:

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