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public domain book images

Image from page 125 of "A contribution to American thalassography : Three cruises of the United States Coast and geodetic survey steamer "Blake", in the gulf of Mexico, in the Caribbean sea, and along the Atlantic coast of the United States, from 1877 to

Image from page 82 of "Regional anesthesia : its technic and clinical application" (1922)

Image from page 32 of "The cave fauna of North America, with remarks on the anatomy of the brain and origin of the blind species" (1888)

Image from page 480 of "Correspondence relative to the seizure of British vessels in Behring Sea by the United States' authorities in 1886-91 [microform]" (1891)

Image from page 561 of "Life histories of North American birds, from the parrots to the grackles [microform] : with special reference to their breeding habits and eggs" (1895)

Image from page 15 of "Diseases of cotton, sugar cane, forest trees, ornamentals and miscellaneous plants in the United States in 1919" (1920)

Image from page 678 of "Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College" (1964-1965)

Image from page 736 of "Edelsteinkunde; eine allgemein verständliche Darstellung der Eigenschaften, des Vorkommens und der Verwendung der Edelsteine, nebst einer Anleitung zur Bestimmung derselben, für Mineralogen, Edelsteinliebhaver, Steinschleifer, Juwe

Image from page 2037 of "Illinois Agricultural Association record [microform]" (January 1944- December 1949)