Image from page 124 of "The spiders of Dorset, with an appendix containing short descriptions of those British species not yet found in Dorsetshire. "From the Proceedings of the Dorset. Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club."" (1879)

Image from page 558 of "The depths of the ocean; a general account of the modern science of oceanography based largely on the scientific researches of the Norwegian steamer Michael Sars in the North Atlantic" (1912)

Image from page 105 of "The elements of structural botany [microform] : with special reference to the study of Canadian plants, to which is added a selection of examination papers" (1897)

Image from page 258 of "Mechanical movements, powers and devices; a treatise describing mechanical movements and devices used in constructive and operative machinery and the mechanical arts, being practically a mechanical dictionary, commencing with a rud

Image from page 44 of "Southern planter: devoted to practical and progressive agriculture, horticulture, trucking, live stock and the fireside" (1908)

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