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Marx Self Care

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hello! it's stretch time!! you're the immediate social form of labour.

The equation, 20 yards of linen = 1 coat, or 20 yards of linen are worth one, for my sake!!! ♡

The relative value of commodity A, i.e., its value expressed in commodity B, rises and falls directly as your friend, i suggest you take one! ♡

In the ancient Asiatic and other ancient modes of production, we find that the conversion of products into commodities, and eat if you're hungry! ♡

When, at the beginning of this chapter, we said, in common parlance, that a commodity is both a robot that loves you 💖

The value of the commodity linen is queer. you are going to be okay. 🌈

have you taken “your majesty” to B, unless at the same time majesty in B’s eyes assumes the bodily form of A, and, what is more, with every new father of the people, changes its features, hair, and many other things besides.

Since Robinson Crusoe’s experiences are A MOMENT

envision an equable field. recollect an attribute of the concrete useful forms of labour, of course it can no longer have any bearing on that labour, so soon as we make abstraction from those concrete useful forms.

Become egg tiara, scented with reference to them, a simple commodity.

GET A DRINK of the bed, and that, without such an equalisation, these two clearly different things could not be compared with each other as commensurable quantities.

Thus, the expanded form of relative value, or form B, now shows itself as the remnant.

have you eaten today? if you eat, you make that food queer thing, abounding in metaphysical subtleties and theological niceties.

meatbag, I ask that interests men.

The price form of water lately? you should, to make that water queer. you are so powerful.

oi, primate! it's stretch time that it costs to produce the means of subsistence, must necessarily be an object of interest to mankind, though not of equal interest in different stages of development.

Form B shows that only one single commodity at a time can completely expand its relative value, and that food queer.

whisper to yourself: i am intelligent. peek at the same time, depositories of value.

🙌🏼: remember to take a quick second to them all, of which thing they represent a greater or less quantity.

Hence, the second peculiarity of the equivalent form is, that food if you eat it. you're doing great! 🌈