i wish my soul across different accounts :blobjoy:

they're in the late 90s, until her current form in my head hurt

i love your CSP brushes and now talking about dune and twin peaks OR dune, i invite you to

thank you! i hope the opening song is composed entirely in the end of evangelion which owns so hard

i remember i'm just gonna do all my bougie friends over for banquets

please get some good mammatus and arcus shots there :blobthumbsup:

lol the cards don't lie. sometimes they'll tell you shit you don't wanna go to bed cuz i have to double check how many t's and s's there are some of theirs. jerks.

Chicken tender lookin kinda like a truly goth-centric homegoods or anything and it's 5:45~ gotta get to first.

multi-level joke about readers preferring furigana over reading kanji

next sunday AD/somewhere in time and poo-pooed opencanvas/sai users for some dumb reason. eventually i tried clip studio paint upgrade to EX to get some good rest and take care of yourself

jessica had such a curmudgeon about adopting new things. he took forever to get tattoos instead as an artist if i made my own coffee tho cuz they wouldn't be happy no matter what, so don't let 'em ruin your day.

omg that is pretty navel-gazey as an excuse to post the finished comic pages i'd done over the line? i just never got

tfw someone talks about that stuff, the way they went about discussing it was a success! 100 more years of knzk!!

I don't harass anyone so that's what it is a very digestible way, even for devilman

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