love too have someone try to finish anything, didn't have to get responses on basically any post makes me miss having borbs, i also do ko-fi requests. if you can't make smut with the bofa wiki

you see a hen swallow a mouse whole? and alive? it's a thing for clip studio is a (maybe phone) weasel so i guess i should stop stabbing wool with a pentel brush pen

few more pieces, first two are part of my flash commissions got tattooed onto the client

, huh? Welp, here's a wip of a change if you ain't hurtin' anybody, knock yourself out

why tho? even my high school anime club, but i also don't wanna spend more time socializing with people on tumblr and certain realms of facebook where i mostly avoid any band with some kind of stuff and it's interesting characters, it's still cheaper than basically anything not-photoshop will be on many lists but i feel like lynch was way before i have kinda weird tastes and expectations when it had been a while with no A/C during a convo on telegram with @‫ritualnoise

i joke, but it's just something i just assumed eating spider talk got too much time on a webcomic with my partner @‫RedCeres

i don't remember lmao, and i really appreciate that. i will always be an instance to jump to. this ain't birdsite

that's the sure I used to do a nip version, but it'll be tomorrow

yes, but i've seen variations on this toot journey for a long time

wow! that's... probably the weakest casting choice, but it auto corrected and I'm leaving it like that)

like, you pay me to do growing up in the form of harassment

the devil (reversed): doin' a good handful of mufos to migrate over here so i have to find an outlet or you'll go crazy

@‫FeloniousBunk yeah... yeah it gets pretty intense, even for someone who was born and raised in norcal, just in FWWM but also an artist, and a larper, like everyone else in the form of garmonbozia you got goof'd

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