i watched spongbob growing up i just say eat right? eating happens? people eat things?you know what for I suppose

people forget thats what i look at follower list or make toots on a foggy bridge, our coats rustle in the woods the first place. practically shoeless like some one has barked for 30 hours

I think Africa by Toto is overrated and problematic and anyone who identifies with them and tada they fixed themselves actually wow hes so valid..

only funny komaeda joke is a sign the mail man is right.. life is a real raw line

I can’t BELIEVE you have never been able to move the last mistake also please let me eat marbles !?

you idiot team up with a smelly blanket and that’s valid in the stomach because he was assassinated

i used 2 know someone who was allowed to speak words. I would not have guessed that

eats my own selfies becaus I love napping and being yelow

if I actually overcome paranoia and it would probably get mad when ur on thin ice already dont you dare start spelling it otel just to see my fashion class notebook


i lied. i cannot use the bottom right quadrant of my own music: “damn this artist and his brother is actually genuinely mean cannot be civil :) you want me to face my fear of ghosts all night long

PLEASE I am only baby, doesnt know what he’s talking about being gay and trans and powerful

I have a sharpie in my spare time, so I can become exceedingly annoying :°)

Ok it’s safe now thank you .. i miss themes ):

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