Wait! This isn't the thermometer! You've been tricked! DAMN YOU, MENDEZ!

I don't know what that is, but it's not kitten.

It's a stupid mask, fashioned after a Schipperke.

It's another robot, more advanced in design than you but strangely immobile.

The boom box cranks out an old Cat Deeley tune.

It's either a mirror, or another kitten-seeking robot.

A crowd of people, and at the center, a popular misconception.

This might be the fountain of youth, but you'll never know.

"Dear robot, you may have just won our 12 MILLION DOLLAR prize..."

Something is written here in the dust. You read: "rwbotp ENWkttten".

An automated robot-hater. It frowns disapprovingly at you.

"Dear robot, you may have just won our 8 MILLION DOLLAR prize..."

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