t2k17 Hackathon Report: Daniel Jakots on updating ports, Nagios OpenBGPD plugin and... |

Which version is newest? I'm rocking 6.1 iirc

t2k17 Hackathon Report: Bob Beck on buffer cache tweaks, libressl and pledge progress |

Today on #OpenBSD-daily we finished loading ELFs and went back to top-level dlopen.

Dear #OpenBSD peeps on Mastodon, do you have any advice/comment/warning for me regarding the use of any of the free OpenBSD shells services listed in the link below? 😣

warm morning, off to the airport to go to an #OpenBSD #hackathon in Toronto

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being the inventor of #hackathon, #openbsd does them differently than the corporate ones.

it isn't a competition. no prizes. its perfectly fine to not finish. heck, sleep is encouraged.

we work together on making #opnbsd the best we can, and having the domain experts in the same room makes that far easier.

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