Today on #OpenBSD-daily we finished up reading malloc by diving into the canaries guarding internal data structures

Today on #OpenBSD-daily we speed through malloc 'DRSX<>' options leaving internal canaries for tomorrow.

Today on #OpenBSD-daily we read how malloc does allocation junking and DuClare explained bit twiddling for chunks ;)

Today on #OpenBSD-daily we took a look at malloc, which will be an ongoing theme for the following days.

On the second #OpenBSD-daily code read we revisit our pfctl diff and dive into the regress framework

#OpenBSD-daily for today, 18:00 UTC duncaen will dive into the generic vga device, after that I will be working on finishing our pfctl diff

Today on #OpenBSD-daily DuClare tracks down our @OpenSMTPD bug and writes a patch to get it fixed \o/

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