Seeing there are new ppl here, I thought I'd repost some #introductions

I do research on #compilers, #languages and runtimes (e.g. #OpenCL) for #FPGAs, #GPUs and #manycores, specifically to speed up science code like climate and weather models.

I program mostly in #Perl, #Haskell, #Fortran and #C++.

I mentor for #pcode, folks who want to learn/improve programming (mainly #Python), over on

I also like #art, #veggie cooking and #japan.

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If trolls set the norms, they can destroy the community. If they gain too much control over the discussion, they can destroy the community. But even a small community can handle a couple low-traffic low-impact trolls indefinitely, with even moderately functional administration.

I know a guy who has been ban-evading efnet #c for ~20 years. That community didn't collapse.