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@dscovr_epic - Pictures from the Earth Polychromatic Camera on the DSCOVR spacecraft - micropoetry bot - fake holidays - Perlin noise-based textures of tiled World of Warcraft eggs? - Watercolors from the the usda's national agricultural library. - things that kill fascists


While there's quite a few Mastodon bots already, I hadn't seen any games implemented until @slipstream mentioned @BotBotBotus , which is a French word-guessing game.

There are a number of Twitter bots that do games, but they're tightly constrained by the character limit. With more space to work with, there's a lot of unexplored possibilities.
#bots #botally

bot friends, i added a super-simple code of conduct to any feedback is welcome #botALLY

a couple people have asked me if it's okay for them to sign up on and if it's cool for them to run bots there. yes! please do!

but two things:
a) you are subject to my total lack of Docker skills
b) I will add a TOS that will likely amount to "don't abuse people or servers"

a couple other people have wondered​ if there should be a canonical bot server and if should be it. If that happens, ok, but personally i won't presume that without a #botALLY conversation about it