@darius Heya. Thanks for being a cool #botally person ^_^

I'm looking into porting my Twitter bot to Mastodon. I have a Lua→curl→Mastodon module mostly working, so it's time to look into actually using it. I was wondering if you know what the botally consensus is on making a Mastodon bot behave nicely yet also being easy to discover/attracting new followers. Public toots might spam the timelines, but unlisted toots won't be found unless people already know about the bot 😕

Any other botmakers encounter an issue with a Mastodon instance where on a POST request to the `statuses` endpoint it returns the "We're sorry" HTML page instead of even a JSON formatted error?

curl example:

All other POSTs and GETs are working as expected, it's just the status post that is returning this. Manual posting from the web client works fine. #botALLY

@zer0her0 ooh ooh! #botALLY is a community of folks who can help! is one way to meet people

@wakest is what I have, but it is very hard to maintain alone.
Since The Wave and an influx of #botALLY s, my focus has been on creative or artistic bots, rather than functional ones (headline reposters, followbots...).

i made a tiny thing for curling the API:

the cli ux is very preliminary, suggestions welcome

#botally ppl may be interested? all my twitter bots use basically this level of wrapping, not a high-level-language lib.

(inspired by @tinysubversions' web page tool... thanks!)

Local timeline here seems to be clogging up a bit. Be wary of your posting frequencies, everyone! It may be advisable to slow down your posts as you age, too.

One trick that can help prevent oversaturating your shtick:

Bot responsibly and have fun!

// Following every user of the #botALLY hashtag. Friend or foe, bot or not. #fairplay

Cooked up a little PR to add support for the streaming API in The API is modelled on Tweepy's, if only to make it easier to adapt my existing bots…

#python #bot #botally

#botIdea #botAlly Make a welcomebot for your instance who introduces new users to the community and its norms.
"I see you've posted an #intro post. Welcome to frivolous.url! Remember that you are obliged to follow our instance guidelines, listed at http://...."
"Would you like to be listed in our daily digest of new users? It might be a good way to meet people with whom you share interests."
Think IRC bots or Slack bots, vs. the twitterbot model.

I'd like to have a semi-unlisted option, where a toot is included in the local timeline but unlisted in the federated timeline. use case: art bots on #botALLY

I should make the first(?) mastodon bot. #botALLY

Most of these are from established #botALLY s, but the instance is definitely picking up new friends!

@hYPotenuser there were some amazing bots here before #botAlly showed up to be sure. check out @bepis - it makes me laugh so much!

my pals and i are very interested in making art bots that address the ethical and social challenges of bots in social media and beyond. we're always talking about about these sorts of things, and it's why i decided to make my bot's tweets unlisted by default. mentions one of our common principals, "Bots Should Punch Up" If you would like to chat w/ or other bot makers like me look for the #botAlly hashag. :grin:

@tinysubversions That's gonna make for a weird look next to :upside_down:

Respond to this toot with links to profiles of bots (good or bad, lovable or annoying (or both)). I want to start a list. #botALLY