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Andrew Zyabin

What if we made computers again, but, not terrible

There's just one problem with making computers not terrible, and that is the mathmatical theorem called The Hating Problem

It's all a bit technical but apparently the Problem is that Computers Hate Us

Anyone know where I can find cool emojos

@jorty two invaluable things:

- allows you to look up all emojos in any instance (where available). you may want to copy *some* of them

- there's also .@mutantstd <>, the novel emoji set. this one requires attribution, but the license makes it really easy

@Irick Iä! Iä! Thy Dæmons of thy Cofe haþ awakenð!

Brooklyn Bridge Park has an elite cat rescue team?

@cwebber wow, it's good to make email unequal

try checking with Microsoft why you can't send mail to Hotmail

@pho4cexa wow, that's hallucinating. 8 compilers, wherein 3 of them are complex and POSIX-only, just to bootstrap a free software system, is bad imho

I mean, even says there must be as few layers as possible