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Andrew Zyabin

Bad idea of the day: an on-site bot that welcomes new users

i'll mlem anyone's face. i'll mlem your face. i'll mlem your dog's face. i'll mlem my own face.

The eo-chars.exe file has been retired and deleted since I no longer use it.

As they say in Konwall, 'Use!'

Congratulate me; I have moved my various hotstring.exe files to a singular AutoHotkey.ahk that I, at last, can edit

And I have open sourced it

for reference, my locale is ru, and the button is normally called 'Подписаться на удаленном узле'

@bandie no, because it's not a sad language

@scoliwings Your Anthrosona on a Pentagram: Rate Yourself on a Graphical Scale

hey hey guys who wants to make this the Latest New Meme