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Andrew Zyabin @zyabin101

A new pin for a new version.
License statement:
Things happening will be replies to this thread.

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I finally get to use the z5note haahtag again.
One could say, "you ought to keep that hidden, it's for your own use!"

Be humane.
It's rather humane to post notes that might happen to be useful to others in the future.
It's rather good faith.

Don't be shy. Don't forget to share.
Your note may be useful to others.

Share them.
Your predecessors, successors, followers and future selves
thank you in advance.

addendum 180117 ⤴
I don't know, I may probably make that a blog post.


- Today: I return my previous name yet again.
- Tomorrow: I get to delete my Keybase account ❤💗❤


Good news: I've deleted my Keybase account. :>

Better news: I've added a new . :>


I discovered :

My ident is (of course) `` (or `zyabin101`, if you need a clear one).

Maybe I should make a list of methods to contact me.