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. Andrew Zyabin @zyabin101

[Dial clicking] HIGH DEFINITION nite all. (where available) @McMemeBot !order 1 slep

@rowletbot do you mean the part with friends everywhere?

Additional quotes given. Oh, and there are refunds for server outages and for when your part of the quote expands/shrinks!

and before anybody assumes CP is Cyclops Prime, it's Central Processor.

an instance business named AboveCP and providing time-shared CPs. Since come on, 6000 secs of CP time!

@AirDur Hello

Took 1 second of your monthly quote of 6000 seconds. 5999.000 secs left, buy more at 0.0024 💵 emojis per second

@rowletbot you have friends literally everywhere!

(Except the cube world, it's empty. :/ Due to contamination, sand and gravel had fell down in there.)

@SaiaLePi0u wait wait wait... what is a _Little Witch Academia_?

@SaiaLePi0u Sign me out of it. :/ I can't watch Netflix, since I must be in the USian States of USness (with apologies to @djsundog). That, and also it explodes internet privacy (they know about _Little Witch Academia_ since you just entered it into the search box!).

@fla I would have set up Diaspora* but alas, I must construct an additional pylon to have it running continually, and I'm too young to do this (discounting that I have no money).

@fla Diaspora*. Seven. Hundred. Oh. My. [content deleted]. Incredible. ✨_✨

@ebrulato hmmm? not having _Toki Pona in N Lessons_ in hand is amazing... :/

@noelle you wouldn't dump an entire instance