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Andrew Zyabin

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Can anyone point me to any such list?

As a final step, there must be an adblock list for cookie prompts - these are a symptom that the website is maliciously tracking you.

Next, for security reasons you must remove *all* cookies. This includes all logins to all services, so have your password store and second-factor device at ready.

4. Show cookies > Remove all

Next, re-login to services.

HOWTO normalize the web a little by disallowing third-party cookies in Firefox:

1. Open `about:preferences#privacy` > History
2. Set Firefox to *use your own history settings*
3. Accept cookies from websites > Accept cookies from third-party websites > set to *never*

There must be a list of sites who unsolicitedly set cookies. I do *not* consent to them being set on every web site.

I finally took the plunge and disabled all third-party cookies. Because.

This is a 1024 x 768 display. You'll get the same result with a 1920 x 1080, which covers the entirety of the desktop so that you get to *not* read Mastodon in the meantime.

This misses the point completely.

Whoever designed GNOME Boxes apparently forgot what is a screen

Also, thanks for emptying my lists.

First of all: please stop any conspiracy theories regarding the 'view image directly' button. It no longer exists for a *reason*.

Second of all, you can view the exact same image on the original page, *and* possibly get information on the way.

Hello! is tentatively back. The instance is running on new hardware, and might be a little flaky while DNS propagates

I have specifically opted out of the program. Because.

Thanks for getting the little kitten aggressive because they don't have a phone

The question is whether there is someone that *will* accept it...