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Andrew Zyabin

'Andrew, stop being so laden on it!'
Okay, well, yes.

Making the sound of the future unfolding

1xx -> More
2xx -> Okay
3xx -> Move
4xx -> Error
5xx -> Oops

: if for whatever reason you've developed a hatred towards the new redesign, there's the domain (compare:

As in:

'Insert the picture in first. Ensure it snaps in and the AUTOMATIC "ZERO INSERTION FORCE" LEVER drops before continuing w/ the name and instance.'
then, later:
'Do *not* breach the rounded square with your mark, otherwise your ID would spoil.'

I especially liked the specificness and pedanticity of the Fediverse ID Authority at (It was bound to happen, because.)

Yeah, unfortunately there's not much things

We're inevitably drifting towards #6900