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Andrew Zyabin

HIGH DEFINITION never goes out of trend.

@(^-^)@ ─「°、°」─
(@'u')@ ─「°、°─」?
(@'v')@ ─「°、°─」
@('u')@ @「°▽°」@

🍂 2017-10-20 Freeday
🕓 2017-10-21 Caturday
🔃 2017-10-22 Punday

Today is ; you can discuss anything, but there are still limits. Take care.

Follow Friday is OK

I wish you a HIGH DEFINITION slepps, and hope tomorrow is *better*.



It'll really help if I could host Mastodon somewhere without wasting a thousand dollars a year.

But no, I made the choice to still remain in the Fediverse and still receive that which goes up the pipelines.

Violating the courtesy rule that 'every forum game shall be ignorable' is dumb IMO. There's so much 💩 up my Home pipelines that I might already quit the Internet altogether.

Forum games: Helping newcomers come away.

It's intended to not be an acrostic. It's a serious answer to acrostics.

Yes, it's intended to not be an acrostic. AANF is intended to not be a real word, just like acrostics are intended to make words not real.

New courtesy rule: mark any forum game with at least one ignore hashtag or bashtag (or some other kind of *tag, it's your responsibility). That way, people shall selectively choose to play by adding or removing the hashtag/bashtag/etc. from your mute regex.

I'd like to ignore any game at all.