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Andrew Zyabin

Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init

Is there an anniversary! Very, very bad!

GitHub ActivityPub topic top list:

1- (of course)
2- by Gargron (last commit was 1 month ago)
3- @TheKinrar's list of instances

Guess where is the standard itself? That's right, it's NOWHERE in the list.

Well, I guess it was garglaric. (With apologies to @fusagiko:

The source for all the bots has been archived for one final backup on GitHub, before all bots' apps go into oblivion forever.

Starting now, all my UptimeRobot monitors are terminated. Forever.

This is a really hard decision, but I've finally decided to terminate my entire botARMY.

HIGH DEFINITION monitor launch in a minute!

Hopefully, with Now the system is debugged to the second:

- deploy bot
- see that it's `Ready to toot!`
- get delighted
- get custom subdomain
- get delighted
- make monitor
- get delighted
- a few months later, deploy another version
- link custom subdomain to new version
- have no downtime at all
- get delighted

Apparently I'm one of the only ones who chose a service that makes deployments *read only*

And yet they allowed me to make temporary node-persist storage


I can deploy bots to Now! I can DEPLOY bots to NOW!

- ⬜ 🚨EMERG: Move all my bots to Now
- ⬜ 🚩CRIT: Review removable license
- ⬜ 🚩CRIT: Clarify removable license clauses
- ⬜ 🔶MEDIUM: Implement ActivityPub
- ⬜ 🔶MEDIUM: Learn how to auth securely
- ⛔ Write up Fedilang (it was canceled)
- ⛔ Write mech perchance (mech became a plague)
- ⛔ Write mech bot (mech became a plague)

A Country With No People

(continued from OP26XotpWh)*

(Above shamefully stolen from @Sylvhem)

Classy when a tutorial doesn't fit.

(continued from 3OYshB8A2T)*

The following topics are commonly admitted to have to be put behind a warning:
- sexism, racism, homophobia and so on
- death
- sickness
- war
- violence
- food
- sex
- common phobia subjects such as spiders, dogs, snakes and so on
- politics


( ): If your posts contain something that could trigger a traumatic experience for another user, they MUST be tagged by using the 'Content Warning' button. Content warnings are a duty, not a right.


@Sylvhem where's that 'trauma trigger CW PSA' thingy archived at 🤔