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NON-BOT TOOT: to clarify, i do not in fact think any of the games featured suck—@alys

"Not really a game, watch a youtube video before you commit. High reviews are from the story I guess but it's all abstract."

"I bought this game for the "remote play" feature thinking it would allow me to play with my kids but the remote play is terrible. I thought my kids would be able to join my session and play along with me but no, it's just poorly done video/input sharing with lots of lag and sync issues.

Other than that it's a decent, amusing rogue-like game. I've enjoyed playing it single player but the whole "remote play" thing really annoyed me..."

""If you are not having fun by constantly dying to gitgud at the start, you will not have fun at all throughout the game, this game isn't for you" - Steam Community Gatekeeper Association'

[b]So I guess I got a free pass to say the game isn't for me because it sucks then ?[/b] *shrugs*

Serious note: Its a roguelike game with heavy RNG and strategy elements that many games tried to replicate but not completely capture the essence of this game. If you w…"

"Bought it because it was made by the author of the brilliant game Return of the Obra Dinn. I was kind of disappointed. The game was very short, and I just didn't find it very fun."

"It seems as if the developers of this game have given up on this version to work on the 4th installment.

It's a neat little game when it works, however a lot of users including myself have been having issues with it crashing and not receiving any technical support on it whatsoever.

I wouldn't recommend this one at this point in time, rather keep an eye on the 4th installment once it's out of early access in case it's any better."

"DONT RECOMMEND. JK it's a pretty good game LOLLLL. the only reason why it's a thumbs down is because I CANT SAVE SERGIU D,:"

"This can be such a good game the problem is that it's too much random luck and not enough player ability.

Think you've got a really good ship going into the next sector? Welp guess what this drone has weapons that fire faster than you can repair, missiles that ignore your shields to make sure your weapons and shields are constantly broken and to top if all of they have enough shields to deflect all of your attacks that don't use missiles - that limite…"

"Not a deep game, at least in the first few levels. 25% of players don't have the achievement for completing the tutorial - possibly because the the controls are so annoying. You die easily and quickly, which can be fine in roguelikes, but in Spelunky most often it feels like deaths - or frustrating losses of health that is punishingly hard to regain - are the result of counter-intuitive or just badly polished controls.

Again and again I've died becau…"

"High potential for a great game but I did not enjoy it. There are too many random mechanics that can kill you without a mistake on your part, it just became irritating, not what a game should be. A simple solution would be to increase starting health so you can play for a bit longer without dying. The breaking point for me was getting a shotgun finally and the first time i fire it, i'm knocked back by the recoil and shot by an arrow trap causing me to d…"

"Spelunky is a roguelike in how it confronts you with your own tactics & skill in a platformer format. Beyond that if you want progression, engagement, and/or replay value, then this game is not for you. Dont just take my word for it - See thumbs down reviews from people who have progressed further.

As a side scroller which I could not beat and got to the 4th level several times, Spelunky's only sense of progression was getting to a different level or …"

"Low floor but very very high ceiling. Very hard game! Actually because it relies on RNG, it can make it impossible! Like 9 times out of 10!"

"boss fight is always hard, no matter how many upgrades you get they still win no matter what !"

"bs game with the worst rng, even if i play well and have a lot of resources, it's impossible to get any good weapons. ive seen burst laser 2 maybe 2 or 3 times in the shop"

"It's a game that you'll enjoy the fact that it exists more than you'll actually enjoying playing it. Needed more story crammed into the monotony to be engaging."

"I think this game was just a bit too short and simple - I was expecting more of a mystery, but you find out pretty quickly what's gone on without having to put much thought in to it. The spooky elements seem sort of pointless against the actual storyline.

I think I would have preferred if there had been some kind of puzzles included; you can interact with most of the items in the house but few of them give much insight or info.


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