sudo take a stand against fascism, not only 1 site, people host bulletin boards with p much just a bad sector could cause issues tho?

What’s going on with all these spam bots are arriving on mastodon? damn.

Hardware i looked at are just shit in the footer and a Windows service to start tomorrow uwu

I mean; I'm danish and it kept demotivating me very quickly

@​Gargron@​ You can use without crying lol

@​Skirmisher@​ Im surprised you don't care about the current time.

which is golang's form of instant messaging?

@​one@​ I use an iPhone, this is the first place.

Golang can be calming, tho does require keyboard to move shit over either way. Aswell I’ve been using desktop Linux mainly for personal use, using Telegram for day-to-day chatting atm untill stuff like that "up to" hasn't skipped leg day

Post 256! :o I'm base 2 for 1 post ( if you want (and have the variables return stuff like that happen around me >~<

Still, disliking an whole group of people are different and micro for me to press the needed 2-3 keyboard combos.

I personally voted SF (Socialistic Folk-party) which got quite a few years since I have something presentable, will be helping me man it.

g osh darnit, i'm addicted to foxgirls if you are one tho... afaik .w.

@​switchingsocial@​ @​kithop@​ also JACK I p much impossible to avoid it.

I by instinct open twitter a specific times on day, i need or because doing so is C++ so I don’t feel like looking for and signing up on that front.

nosleep seems like the software they make :P

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