Top took a drill to his, there was a random explosion, and it became a jet cap.
"I'm more used to using regular wings..." Oshy said.
"THIS! THING! DOESN'T! FIT! ME!" Topper said. He was upside down, trying to put it on right-side-up.

K-U-C: *a screen turns on* Howdy Chibi. I'm here too. All you have to do is put your hand on this touch screen. It will recognize you as a YB and the ship will start up.


((Ummm... Was my guys rescued yet? I don't want to just say I'm at HQ when I'm really stuck in a forest...))

Mirby: Can we leave LOZ world yet?
Mush: No...
Mirby: Why not?
Mush: Because I like it here, and if we go back to Star World Topmonhit is going to make random stuff appear and try to kill us.

Sneezier: Come on, let’s let the conductor know about this.

uts. Half a year ago, they almost kidnapped me…”
“And then my Coshi came and rescued you,” Plasshi spoke. “I hope he’s okay…”
“I hope we’re okay,” Kioles muttered.
“I’m sure that Whirl had a backup plan he would have implemented if Coshi hadn’t showed up, right?” Evelyn said.
“Uh…” Whirl stuttered.
“And does he have one for now?” Enni asked.
“I’ll… think of one…” Whirl told them, although he wasn’t really sure…
The Doctor was just about to speak when suddenly there was a loud thud.

"I don't like the looks of this guy," said Franky.
"Aw hell Franky, what did yer momma ever tell ya about judging by appearances?" said Joey James, "Come on, lets be homely."
Emmy pulled up to the creature, and the driver's side window was rolled down.
"Hody!" said Joey James, "How you doin'?"

The bot then slumped then explode into scrap.

Wargutz: Steak? Give me some, ya gitz!
Omega: This is a story you brainless fool.

*the book opens up and something shoots out from it*
Chalk Kirby: I... it works... eheh...
Top: What is that?
Oshy: I think it's an interdimensional wormhole to an alternate dimension inside the book.
Top: Is that bad?
Oshy: Yes.

"Yes, I do," Vesperelle said. "However, the temple is special. Not just anyone is allowed to know its location..." As she spoke, the rain finally let up outside. "But, if you help the church, you can prove your good intentions. Then I could show you the way."

Noshum said, and began to hurry through the palace once more.
As Mario had gone through the palace 4 years earlier, the stairway was already open, and so the group headed down until they eventually found themselves at the very end of the palace, in the crypt formerly holding the Shadow Queen. The coffin now held a portal.
“Does that lead to wherever we’re going?” Chibi asked.
“It had better,” Sub said. “I didn’t come all this way for nothing.”
“Maybe one of us should go in first to make sure,”

ain island and convinced its inhabitants that Jack would be the perfect leader. Manipulation was the key to Jack's role as ruler, and kept him in power as the island's dictator. An army was established as Jack realized that he needed protection from the few immune to Aob's techniques, and thus Yoki Yoki is where it is today: heavily policed by various Pokemon where various activities had been outlawed, including conspiring against the dictator. Countless Pokemon have been murdered as a result, w

Golden shroom: D..d!!!

At the Sand Kingdom Space Port, a medium transport plane landed with new soldiers for the RGU's 64th Brigade. Fresh Genome Troopers heading toward their destination and to be introduced by Brigadier Rok himself.
"Enjoy your stay ladies," said one veteran Genome Trooper.
"Look at the fresh meat, woo!" remarked one Jet Assault Trooper.


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