Little Girl: Dr. Mario... *Steps toward him*

MDY: There... *holds up the platinum shroom* Oh... um... I'll be right back everybody. *walks out of the HQ*

Kite thought for a moment. "I think he was called Mabbal. Do you know who that is?"

Meh. I got rid of the Gone'd/Dead section for now, since they aren't really important anymore. >_>

Top: But I brought you a present… *holds up a clock* But I think it’s broken.
Topper: You think? It says 6 AM.
Oshy: Hold on… this defies most logic, but what if we were to get the bats out in the sun?
Topper: Okay. So we’ll hide out here for 4 hours?
Top: And then sneak past them outside?
Count Bleah: You’ll be doing no such thing… *suddenly Count Bleah and all the bats poof into the basement*

This was not quite the entrance they were going for, but it would have to do.

Over the next week, Kienstrom worked on whatever it was Dark Top instructed him to. When it was all finally over, Dark Top gave Kienstrom the money, then told him to leave… before he took the money back.
By then, most technology on the planet had returned, including television. Dark Top then called another conference to announce to the whole planet a grand announcement.

So basically, Star Trek hyper speed type stuff and the like.

Mysterio: There's a planet in front of my personal fleet,it's a planet with high levels of toxic,radiaction,& a few machinery there.*Shows the pic of the planet with info on it but no name*

Zar: What about one of your brothers?
Koop: Oh yeah, they're still down there... *walks up to the sleeping Top, lifts his hat, and yells something* They're coming, and bringing the thief.

*Top and Sneen are... um... where the others are. Yeah. >_> I dunno.*

Warpstarmy, was the first to speak out. With one of their leaders, Chills Pacone, now in hiding and the proximity of Star World to their planet, they began to worry about Federation economic or military aggression. There was a short tug of war over the planet Popworld, where both the Federation and Warpstarmy were caught trying to gain influence over the planet. The world eventually was taken under the sway of the Warpstarmy and joined their union, however with the a bit of distaste from the Fed

Omega: *Shook* Nope, the Metal Army will control it.
Dimentio: Uh uh, it's my target to exploit.

Daisy: Well duh.
Luigi: I rather eat mushroom pizza.
Jet Gundam: Dude, your pregnant.


“WHAT HAPPENED HERE!?” a voice suddenly yelled.
“What was that?” Apricot asked.
“Wait, it sounds familiar…” Oshy said, and they went to the source of the voice to see…

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