“You can't expect us ta' disband 'dis military aggregation, can you?” Chills asked.
“Well, no,” Oshy admitted.
“But that's why we're here,” Topper said. “This time Team TOT will make things go right!”
“Surrounder now or prepare to fight!” Top added.
“Bob, that's right!” Bob continued, standing up, and then Whacko dug up out of the floor.
“You're not in this story,” Top said.
“I'm never in any stories...” Whacko grumbled, digging away.

?????: GAH! LIGHT!
Jade: *Sees the footprints* Ooh.
Luigi: ...W-what was that noise?
Jade: What noise?

Chibi: ...They look familiar for some reason. Or I may be thinking of someone else... *Thinks*

"Told ya the holes were a bad idea!" said Franky.
"Well, I guess we should try and avoid this Eggman," said Gunny, "We ain't suited up to take on a robot army."

Kamek: Hag? Don't you mean geezer? Hag is for old women. FOOL! HEHEHE! *does a cartweel* .......... where did that come from? ANSWER ME!!! *holds staff up to Top's non-existant nose, and it glows*

The infected froze, and fell apart. Now the group was left on their own at the higher level, no more infected in sight.
"The outpost isn't far," said one trooper, "Come on, let's go."

e land. "Okay, we got mystical water, so we don't have to help any Lotad. The dirt looks dumpy though so we gotta find a Shiftry to give us some decent soil, and then we have to get a seed from a Lilligant, but even then we still gotta get that Solrock to go back into the sky. We'd better find the Klinklang that's sending these clouds up, but we'll probably have to fight our way through some Altaria first. What do you think, Wise Wisterwood?" he asks a random Sudwoodo. "Oh man, can you imagine i

"Suit yourself," sighed Vlad.
He removed Swan's pants, revealing striped panties.
"At least the lass wore something decent," licked Vlad, "most women I've killed and eaten, they almost ruined my appetites."

Chibi: *Thinks* ...That'd be cool. Anyway, is there a fast ship I could use? Anyone? ...Please?

Top: *wakes up* Eh? *is upside down in a sink*

((I'll wait and see if Sub had anything to protect his room...))

Metal Sonic: Grr… THIS WON’T BE THE LAST YOU SEE OF ME! *flies off, dropping a key*
Whirl: *picks up the key* Now where does this one go…
Pyro: The random map that shows up says the Backyard.
Gonji: What? It does?
Sub: Why would this place have a backyard…
Danny: Oh well.

“This stays in this room only,” said Sneezier, “Once we tell you this, you may not back out of this mission.”
“DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNN-“ Tron was promptly hit by a stun charge from Jet Gundam, and fell to the ground.

E. Gadd: Even if it does, who really cares?
Meta Top: A time paradox would be better than all this..

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