Sneezier: Umm,ok. *Thinking*{ Oh man,I'm such a fool,sparring with a Jedi,I won't stand a chance against him} *Goes the sparring room**It got nothing but a virtual thingy on the middle*

ously. Fungus.
-Pyro: That's a stupid name.
-Fungus: Shut up. That's Pyro.
-Baby Pyro: I exist.
-Fungus: Right. Nobody cares.
-Baby Pyro: D=
-Gypsus: I'm Gypsus.
-Pyro: Freaksus.
-Gypsus: *strikes Pyro with some small lightning*
-Pyro: Shocking. Ahem.
-Noshum: I'm Noshum. I guess.
-Fungus: Mkay, and to speed up this unbearable process, I'll just name everyone else off. That's Warrier/Defendor. They're a team that does everything together and, frankly, I think they're pretty weird.
-Pyro: Do they

Oshy: Yeah, but we do need a break. And the HQ is being rebuilt by the robots and stuff...

Anubis: *opens the chamber labeled "New Inventions Prototypes"* *inside, there's many prototypes of Koop's inventions* *opens box labeled "Phazonooka"* *inside, there's a Bazooka with a fairly large Phazon-Shell* Hmm... I guess this'll have to do for now...

Rotten Burger: It's the editor's fault, not Titanio.

*suddenly a a huge snowball rolls into the shopping district, coming from Mount Golem*

Daun: There has to be something I can do to stop this... No, I'm not turning good... I just need it for my own evil plans. I got it. I'll stay in the castle. Pretend to be one of this "Metal Top"'s servants... after all, he can't rule Star World by himself... if that's what he's doing

"Drat. Maybe I should go get a schedule or something," Grames muttered, and floated out.

*the music player is playing the Bowser Battle music near the end of PM2*

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Luigi: Nah, I used the coat hanger to avert all this suffering.
Jet Gundam: This poor excuse of a Lifetime Movie shoud have ended at Chapter 1 with a coat hanger.

Zar: Screw that! I have an idea. Only one of us should go through, and the rest will watch and see what happens.
Az: But who would be willing to do that?
Koop: *is sucking on his shoe... Again*
Zar: Bingo.
Koop: Yes?
Zar: I said Bingo.
Koop: Yeah, you called?
Zar: Your name is KOOP, not BINGO.
Koop: NO IT IS!
Zar: What?
Koop: Exactly. BURN!
Zar: ... Whatever...

Chimera: STOP RIGHT THERE!1. I think this is the our... idea. *Pokes Danny XII with his tail*

P.B: That's it, I'm calling Chibi and getting my starwing back*Plat. shroom* Chibi, come in. This is P.B. I'm sorry, but I'd kinda like it if you brought back my starwing... now.

Yoshi Scuba Clones: ((in deep sea diving gear and armor)) We can accompany you.

“Cutting it a little closer, Jet.” Coshi said to a robotic figure at the front of the bridge. The figure turned, revealing himself to be Jet Gundam.
”Never left you hanging before, sir,” Jet Gundam said.

YT: Y>:{} *Uses an airhorn to wake him*WAKE UP.

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