“Dakka! Git ya Dakka here!” said one.
Standing near the main Ork camp, Wargutz stood with a Mega Armored Nob. Poles of skulls, both organic and metal, sat on the blood and oil drenched pole next to Wargutz.

Wailord: that IS horrible! DID you WANT a RIDE to THE main ISLAND?

I guess it would make sense for clouds to produce these sentient droplets, thought Renel, completely missing his chance to remember that key element. The author thinks now's not the time just yet. "Maybe. I'd like to see what you have right now, please," said Renel.

Chibi: Yep. But no one pays the YBs... >_>

Koop: *smashes screwdriver on table* MY GOD!

Oshy: I wonder why no one has noticed there's a Chao on Top's head.

Sub: look at all the sillyness. i am the only serious one here. with my firm grasp of the englsh languaeg my charakter will continu to be broody and brooding.
*picks up achnient staff and walks to the library*

*The Charizard has woken up, and is going on a rampage*
Danny: AHH!
Charizard: CHAR! *Blasts Fire Blasts everywhere*

Jade: *Hears Koop* Wonder what happened.. *Looks down*
Chibi: *Hears Koop* Huh?! *Looks at Koop* What happened?!

*the Koopatrols ignore practically everyone... except... for... TOP!*
Top: Wait, what?

hionably) late as usual was an old, beat-up ship that seems to be about a decade out of date. Fast fixes and obvious rusts litter the vehicle as it soared clumsily through the sky, although from the ground it was hard to tell.
"Bloody motherfucking shit," the pilot of the vessel mumbled, "where the fuck do I land this thing?"
A taller man in an aged gas mask and tattered suit looked over the pilot's shoulder. "There," he pointed in an attempt to be helpful.
"I don't see shit!" she practically sc

Solar: "I am the..." *Whistles the song.*

Danny: Top, you should change into ball Kirby. That would probably open it.

Cortez: A deal is a deal. *Hands him the necklace* Where is the thief?

Wary: *follows* No idea. You'd think it would be easy to use, though.

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