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2287. Pathogen Resistance 

2286. 6-Foot Zone 

2285. Recurring Nightmare 

2284. Sabotage 

2283. Exa-Exabyte 

2282. Coronavirus Worries 

2281. Coronavirus Research 

2280. 2010 and 2020 

2278. Scientific Briefing 

The alt text for this comic is "We have email and social media now, so we probably don't need to keep exchanging business cards by pressing them gently against each others' faces with an open palm and smearing them around."

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2275. Coronavirus Name 

2274. Stargazing 3 

2273. Truck Proximity 

2272. Ringtone Timeline 

2271. Grandpa Jason and Grandpa Chad 

2270. Picking Bad Stocks 

2269. Phylogenetic Tree 

2268. Further Research is Needed 

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