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If MWAA hands over SV II to in Sept, and if accepts the line and does training in ~90 days like they think, and if WMSC gives its sign-off to open the rail line, then SV II could open just as plans to cut trains back to 30-min headways

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I was encouraged by President Biden's knowledge and interest in the issue. I spoke about the importance of Metro and other mass transit systems.

See my press release for details: bit.ly/2O43pAZ

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Thank you to leadership for last night's presentation to the RAC on COVID-19 precautions and operating procedures, and for fielding our many questions. Clearly a monumental effort throughout the system to keep riders safe.

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Thank you to the essential workers cleaning @wmata@twitter.com! And everybody who wears masks to care for others!

I haven’t stopped riding transit, I haven’t seen any anti-maskers yet, and I often get the whole car to myself during rush hour (now). Give transit a chance if you feel safe! <3

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The RAC meets Wednesday, March 3 at 6pm and the public is welcome to attend virtually. Details available at the link prior to the meeting wmata.com/about/riders-advisor

"If riders flock to free service, the buses could experience overcrowding. Without fare revenue — the most flexible source of income the agency has — FAX would have less ability to increase the amount of buses and drivers available during high-demand hours to alleviate crowding"

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"Transit Center produced a 2019 study showing ridership increases of about 20% in cities that have gone zero-fare. But Ben Fried, communications director for Transit Center, said cities lose the opportunity to increase ridership if going zero-fare results in service cuts."

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"It is difficult for transit operations to find grant revenue because many funders award money for capital projects — like new buses, trains, tracks, or shelters — but not to keep the buses running"

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Hands up, who's read the 2022 service changes proposal? Give it a look, take the survey, and participate in the virtual public hearings, starting next Monday, March 8 wmata.com/initiatives/budget/u

“We must make these investments to ensure we don’t let the system decline as it did after the financial crisis of 2008,”


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@wmata@twitter.com on the 3248 red line shuttle to friendship heights rn, wanted to call out that the woman driving this bus is the best operator I've ever seen. Hoping she gets some recognition for being incredibly kind and helpful to folks on this bus

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Also, crazy how much has changed at 13th and H St NE since then, now with @EatMozzeria@twitter.com on the corner

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Five years ago today, HBD @DCStreetcar@twitter.com!- remember wondering, "how long is this going to be free?"

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Let's ride. @DCStreetcar@twitter.com is open (and free). dcstreetcar.com

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There's some circularity going on here. Post-pandemic teleworkers are doing so to avoid painful commutes. In response, do we find ways to ease that commute, or do we make it even more painful by cutting services in response? Not a rhetorical question.

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If is expecting a permanent impairment of 60-80% in rail ridership, this goes beyond schedule and turnback tweaks. And the system still needs to effectively serve the 20-40% who remain.

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Metro's chief financial officer indicated many rail riders who can work from home may never come back five days a week: "Going forward, the expectation is that folks are going to be working perhaps one or two days in the office and the rest from home."

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