@Oeneus You are a talented rhabdomancer from Porte-La-Reine, from which the "Lords of the Sea" exact their terrible tribute.

bot is back functioning after extended downtime

@aeonofdiscord You are a scholarly theurge from the city of Mekanos, where the Voice is heard.

@aeonofdiscord You are a charismatic thyramancer from the court of the Prince of Qang, where life and death may hang upon a falling leaf.

@jennemmer You are a sagely elementalist from forsaken Karados, City of Bones.

@dantebrevity You are a careful chaos-engineer from Porte-La-Reine, from which the terrible "Lords of the Sea" exact their tribute.

@bethskw You have a scribbled compendium of forgotten lore.

@bethskw You are a talented voidshaper from Obodo Igwe, where the Guildsmen's art brings life to lifeless metal.

@fidgety You are a puritanical elementalist from the Seven Isles, whose sovereign has decreed all sorcery an abomination.

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