• make me a wizard
• give me a familiar
• give me a wand
• give me a book

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also acceptable are "staff" for "wand", and any specific wizard subtype in place of "wizard"

@InspectorCaracal You have an ancient rowan wand. You have a pristine manual of strange and distant lands.

@Shutsumon You have a cursed treatise on forbidden incantations.

@wizardpedia give me a book, make me a wizard, give me a wand, make me a familiar

@ajroach42 You are a careful sorceress from Dimmaskog, where the boneseekers dwell. Your familiar is a talking tawny owl. You have a modified blackiron wand. You have an archaic grimoire of the arcane.

@gannet You have a salvaged rowan wand. You have an antique treatise on occult history.

@Nentuaby You have a second-hand pearwood wand. You have a pristine compendium of occult history.

@interaubis You are a diligent rhabdomancer from the Haratic Wastes, blasted barren by unknowable alchymy.

@interaubis You are an ingenious vitæmancer from the Downspire, where scavengers pick through the detritus of the spheres.

@interaubis You are an unlucky summoner from Ithiu, shining under the amber sky.

@interaubis You are an arrogant pyromancer from the Most Serene Republic of Łezdowka, seat of the Shrouded Eightfold Temple.

@interaubis You are a charismatic elementalist from the prosperous city of High Knock, swollen with plunder.

@interaubis You are a courageous alchymist from the Kingdom of Barazov, where death no longer holds sway.

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