sext: i understand how self-exploration helps my relationships with others while you desperately engage in verbal communication

sext: i excitedly check my asparagus for discolored tips as you check your squash for leakage

sext: i wildly gather my ingredients while you add your oil flax/water combination to the mixture in the medium bowl

sext: i take my car for my inspection before any long trips while you quickly ensure your lights all work

sext: i keep my booster in the original container

sext: you participate in support groups as i get my proper diagnosis

sext: i decide whether my process is simple enough for my text document as you look for unnecessary movement between departments

sext: i clean my chicken's coop as you feed your birds quality feed

sext: you improve your memory as i improve my health

sext: i roughly find my appropriate speak to your attorney

sext: you avoid ruminating about your performance...i receive my results

sext: i take my over-the-counter pain reliever to reduce throat pain and body aches

sext: you roughly quit smoking to improve your skin while i loudly apply my foundation

sext: i find my appropriate avenue for my business

sext: you add other weight-training exercises...i excitedly start with shin stretches

sext: i loudly bathe as part of my foreplay

sext: i look for unusual bowel movements

sext: you ask my friend to come with you

sext: you expose yourself to at least 15 minutes of bright sunlight every day while i embrace healthy drinking habits

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