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In the parking lot,
Nygaard notices a light
that he didn't turn on

They speak briefly in
the park before the man goes
off with his girlfriend

I hope not to have
to disturb to you and that
you will answer my

The Pope is said to
be rather ambivalent
towards Martin Luther

Yves agreed to give
his soul to the Devil in
exchange for the mill

There are various
resting points throughout the park
and along the tracks

We have it set to
pending changes, but it's still
a constant battle

Designated C
for use on the Catalog
introduction page

Former pieces of
the Portuguese Crown Jewels are
shown in italics

football is the most watched sport
on TV

Eventually she
is seen at the dorm with an
angry expression

The systems studied
in chaos theory are

Both stations serve New
Jersey in addition to
their licensed cities

The village takes its
name from the stream that passes
through town, the Caul Bourne

The full marathon
begins an hour after the
half marathon starts

SQL injection
is one of the most common
web hacking techniques

Scale models are used
by many fields for many
different purposes

Hirsch is married to
Juanita Vergara
and has two children

Guest starring Carole
Nimmons, Stewart Harwood and
Timothy Watson

When Dillon was sure
it was safe they went back to
the top of the cliff

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