I can't comment to
the editor's page, because
it is protected

who have held public office
in Mauritius

The economy
depends on agriculture,
mostly on vineyards

A well schooled horse needs
little pressure on the bit
from a skilled rider

She speculates that
a jealous colleague of his
may be behind it

The game features eight
levels, and can be played by
one or two players

Slowly but surely,
entries began to trickle
in for the contest

Schwartz and his wife live
in Southern California
with their dog Nigel

Drew, defeated the
Ontario Liberal
Party government

The Reed Gold Mine was
designated a National
Historic Landmark

Topics usually
cover public affairs or
social issues, e

All he had to do
to cure the wart was to seek
the help of science

I really like the
internet, but sometimes it's
a bit confusing

A painterly oil
portrait of a girl and cat
by Mia LaBerge

For years they suffered
but eventually they pulled
through until he died

He gets home to find
out from his son that Jo Beth
had a heart attack

The mediator
whose expulsion is being
proposed may not vote

Even though our past
hasn't been prefect, it is
still our past and you

Mike Woodley is an
American football coach
and former player

I've just joined Wiki
and have been trying to go through
the tutorials

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