The following year
the ship Fortune arrived at
Plymouth colony

Apart from poems
and novels, there are books on
religion also

If such a format
exists, please notify me
of it and the link

Do you actually
have to be with that person,
home, etc

McLean gives Freckles
a second revolver for
extra protection

The students finish
off what they have learned with
dramas, songs, and games

Elections were held
each year during the Spring
Concert period

in reality
this is not exactly what
happened, but almost

Hammersley married
Edith Grant, and together
they had two daughters

Can a user please
translate the following from
Yiddish to English

was approaching and
move immediately to
the safe room in your

However, they may
facilitate sensory
signal processing

The corporation
was in the doldrums and on
the brink of closure

After much effort,
the problem was traced to a
newly designed stern

Malcolm Gluck is a
British author, broadcaster
and wine columnist

When she wakes up and
leaves the temple, she sees her
father standing there

West was a close friend
of Benjamin Franklin, whose
portrait he painted

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