Her father died while
she was young, and she was brought
up by her mother

He and his father
make amends, and Roscoe asks
Lucinda to dance

This was the first time
ever that two games were played
on the same weekend

The station has been
the site of two accidents
involving freight trains

See the main report
revision history for full
editor credit

The police suspect
Eddie of having placed the
bomb, and detain him

When the orders start
rolling in Steve asks Roger
to buy more supplies

Most professionals
practice snap shooting for at
least an hour a day

The top four placed teams
from both groups will qualify
for the knockout stage

A strand jack is a
specialized hydraulic jack
that grips steel cables

I genuinely
seek others input but please
don't be destructive

The larger lakes in
the Rift Valley are not used
for transportation

In the first photo
can be seen around twenty
five wooden houses

Fanny was born to
a Spanish father and French
mother in Madrid

Descendants of the
Yule family are still alive
today in England

He falls in love with
Raina after series of

It could be either
but I've been thinking about
it for some time now

Sommers meets up with
Frank and Johnny, a man comes
in and screams for help

Each component is
delivered to the client
when it is complete

The two men became
friends and worked together on
various projects

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