Or maybe there was
a way, and I just wasn't
paying attention

Stress analysis
is specifically concerned
with solid objects

The reserve is part
of the Atlantic Forest
Biosphere Reserve

the personal point
of view and political
agenda of C

create a list of
parameter names not shared
between two templates

The king then transports
Titanic to the bay of
a secret island

The Presidential
Plaza lies to the North and
faces the Lake Road

No Doctors also
makes a cameo as the
dancing white hipster

Darcy Lange's work is
held in public collections
throughout New Zealand

I want to make a
wikipedia page for
my late grandfather

The streams of Pleasant
Creek, Plum Branch and Turkey Creek
run through this township

She also learned
how to sing gospel music
from her grandmother

He then disappears
into the maze of tunnels
under the warehouse

It was also a
hit on the Easy Listening
charts of both nations

It is at least a
generation older than
the other objects

Besides SPA is not
a policy, it can't be
a violation

I understand that
this page is in conflict with
your regulations

The woman blames her
pregnancy on a priest, or
on a kitchen boy

The friend forces Y
to undress and dance while he
sings karaoke

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