Portions of the wreck
are a popular scuba
diving attraction

The figures in the
bottom left corner include
one with the clay pot

He calls Jackie to
tell him about his result
but no one replies

A significant
link between Vienna and
Trieste was made by Lloyd

Situations which
can be a catalyst for
dissolution are

I made this image,
took me about an hour, do
with it what you please

If a player lays
this as their last card then they
score a double win

We will discuss the
merits of the compromise
at a later time

High Court of Lagos
State is the highest court of
law in Lagos State

A few catalogues
are offered online, either
free or for a fee

This character is
voiced by series composer
Tobias Tinker

His wife said if he
read the bible and could find
faults she would convert

Venezuela has
qualified boxers for the
following events

Of course, they suffer
from general dog issues like
any other breed

This is a list of
vehicular tunnels and
bridges in Hong Kong

The law protecting
natural wine against tampered
wine was adopted

Awarded to an
outstanding young player in
the Eastern Conference

This marine species
occurs off West Australia
and South Australia

He eventually
seeks treatment at the urging
of his second wife

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