Besides SPA is not
a policy, it can't be
a violation

I understand that
this page is in conflict with
your regulations

The woman blames her
pregnancy on a priest, or
on a kitchen boy

The friend forces Y
to undress and dance while he
sings karaoke

Could you please advise
who the inventor of the
auto muffler was

When entered into
the environment they are
poorly degraded

Being in town for
the first time, everything seems
new and strange for them

Periodic school
meetings are announced on a
regular basis

The tour website may
be found in the external
links section below

Right, I don't see why
you see any bias in
the resolution

In kindergarten
through sixth, the students progress
through the grammar stage

He then suggests that
they move away to some place
safe, like Alaska

The Detour on this
leg of the Race was a choice
between Hack or Hike

My question concerns
bank accounts for social groups
like Adventure Scouts

The expedition
consisted of three rafts, twelve
sailors and three cats

Once again, I must
ask that you adopt a more
civil tone, user

The woman must kneel
down before the man and the
man must slow his pace

Soley received one
battle star for service in
the Korean War

Hi, I'm requesting
some assistance with my draft
that has been declined

Then the camera pans
up to the sky and zooms in,
followed by flowers

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