These systems had two
primary problems in terms
of accuracy

I would like to have
this page reviewed and checked for

The list comprises
people from Serbia and
ethnic Serb people

It serves the Greenbush
Line, and is located in the
East Weymouth village

Maintenance on the ice
pier begins at the end of
the austral summer

Skiing operates
from the middle of April
to the end of May

This marine species
occurs off Mozambique and
Eastern Africa

For the opposite
transition from solid to
liquid, see melting

From this vantage point
its steep gabled profile is
an arresting sight

Lefkowitz died from
Parkinson's disease at his
home in Manhattan

Pauly and his friends
catch a group of goons trying to
burn the factory

He served as member
of the Democratic State
Central Committee

The schools also give
priority to siblings
of current pupils

Its militants have
been active in several
public service strikes

Rita comes from a
wealthy family and her home
life is unhappy

Delivered thousands
of literary lectures
throughout India

Upset again, Ed
confronts Cliff with the watch, and
jogs his memory

Among the major
events included is the
Sterling Hall bombing

It gave victory
to the Federalists that would
last for a decade

Details about the
Back to the Future series
of video games

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