For example, the
following two sentences
are equivalent

This was well known to
his subjects, who considered
him unfit to rule

OK through guesswork
and a lot of truth tables,
I figured out that

It was designed a
part of the Los Angeles
Aqueduct system

It is published in
printed and electronic
form several times

She pays him while he
is disgusted by the state
of the apartment

He said they weren't the
perfect couple by any
means, but he loved her

When Betcha and his
gang try to rob a stagecoach,
Red thwarts their attempt

There are many coups
which the opponents can do
little to prevent

He does not deserve
this sullied treatment, nor this
error in linkage

Vincent is married
to Phyllis Lindo and has
one daughter, Sonja

Army spearheaded
by Secretary of War
Jefferson Davis

The wine produced is
typically a soft while
full and fruity white

We don't need different
units, all the world must use
the same measurements

Thermal shock is a
type of rapidly transient
mechanical load

I mean an expert
site like this one except in
a forum format

Between tracks two and
three there is an access track
to the freight depot

It is found in North
America, where it has
been recorded from

Forms that require
a definite article
should not be used, e

He and the others
are all incinerated
when the comet strikes

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