Wikipedia 'Featured article': **November 26**

" Record cover "Fuck the Millennium", sometimes "***k the Millennium", is a protest song by 2K—Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty. The duo are better known as the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu (the JAMs) or the KLF. The song was built around the KLF and Acid Brass's versions of "What Time Is Love?", and…"

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"Typical example of the wooden buildings of Perm early XX century. Location home: 14a, Klimenko str. "

Wikipedia 'On this day': **November 26**

"November 26: Feast day of Saint Sylvester Gozzolini (Catholicism); Constitution Day in India (1949) Main Building of the University of Notre Dame 1842 – The University of Notre Dame (main building pictured) was founded by Edward Sorin of the Congregation of Holy Cross as an all-male institution in t…"

Wikipedia 'Featured article': **November 25**

" B. Max Mehl (1884–1957) was a prominent coin dealer in the U.S. for more than 50 years. He was born in Congress Poland, which was then part of Imperial Russia, but his family moved to present-day Lithuania, and then to the U.S.; Mehl lived in Fort Worth for most of his life. He started selling …"

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"The Caritas Well (also known as the Caritas Fountain) at night, Copenhagen, Denmark. "

Wikipedia 'On this day': **November 25**

"November 25: Evacuation Day in New York City (1783); Thanksgiving in the United States (2021) Johan Ferrier 1510 – Afonso de Albuquerque, the governor of Portuguese India, led an armada to conquer Goa. 1678 – Trunajaya rebellion: After a series of difficult marches, allied Mataram and Dutch troops s…"

Wikipedia 'Featured article': **November 24**

" Uturuncu is a dormant volcano in the Sur Lípez Province of Bolivia that has active fumaroles between its two summits. Its name means "jaguar" in Quechua. The highest mountain in southwestern Bolivia, it rises to 6,008 metres (19,711 ft) within the Altiplano–Puna volcanic complex, a province of …"

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"Training in preparation for Slavic festivals of the 12-13th centuries in the Ruza urban district of Moscow Oblast. "

Wikipedia 'On this day': **November 24**

"November 24 FBI composite drawing of D. B. Cooper 1227 – Leszek the White, High Duke of Poland, was assassinated during a meeting of Piast dukes. 1859 – British naturalist Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species was first published, and sold out its initial print run on the first day. 1941 – The H…"

Wikipedia 'Featured article': **November 23**

" Carlos Chávez, the symphony's dedicatee The Short Symphony, or Symphony No. 2, is a symphony written by the American composer Aaron Copland from 1931 to 1933. The name derives from its short length of only 15 minutes. The work is dedicated to Copland's friend, the Mexican composer and conductor…"

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"Travertine terraces (UNESCO World Heritage Site) of Pamukkale, Turkey "

Wikipedia 'On this day': **November 23**

"November 23: Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan Edwin Hubble 1733 – African slaves in the Danish West Indies began an insurrection in one of the earliest and longest slave revolts in the Americas. 1867 – The Manchester Martyrs were hanged in Manchester, England, for killing a police officer while helpi…"

Wikipedia 'Featured article': **November 22**

" F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby is a 1925 novel by American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. Set in the Jazz Age on Long Island, near New York City, the novel depicts first-person narrator Nick Carraway's interactions with mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and Gatsby's obsession with his former…"

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"Peanuts in shell, shell cracked open, seed shelled, halved and peeled. "

Wikipedia 'On this day': **November 22**

"November 22: Feast day of Saint Cecilia (Christianity) Blackbeard 1635 – Dutch colonial forces on Taiwan launched a three-month pacification campaign against the island's indigenous peoples. 1718 – The pirate Blackbeard (pictured) was killed in battle by a boarding party of British sailors off the c…"

Wikipedia 'Featured article': **November 21**

" Berguitta peaking north of Rodrigues Intense Tropical Cyclone Berguitta was a strong tropical cyclone which originated southwest of the Chagos Archipelago on 10 January 2018. It achieved its peak intensity on 15 January and degraded to a tropical storm by 17 January. It accelerated southwestwar…"

Wikimedia Commons 'Picture of the day': **November 21**

"White mustard seed (whole and ground) and various kinds of mustard "

Wikipedia 'On this day': **November 21**

"November 21: Armed Forces Day in Bangladesh Alan Freed 1386 – Turco-Mongol conqueror Timur captured and sacked the Georgian capital Tbilisi and forced King Bagrat V to convert to Islam. 1894 – First Sino-Japanese War: After capturing the Chinese city of Port Arthur, the Japanese army began a massacr…"

Wikipedia 'Featured article': **November 20**

" The Harry F. Sinclair House stands at the corner of East 79th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York City. It was built between 1897 and 1899, designed in a French Renaissance style by C. P. H. Gilbert and built by foreman Harvey Murdock. It was successively owned by businessmen Isaac D…"

Wikimedia Commons 'Picture of the day': **November 20**

"An old rural track, trees and the forest with colourful autumn foliage near Beilstein, Württemberg, Germany. "

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