Wikipedia 'Featured article': **December 5**

" The Pyramid of Neferirkare was built for the Fifth Dynasty pharaoh Neferirkare Kakai in the 25th century BC. It was the tallest structure on the highest site at the Abusir necropolis and still towers above it today. The Fifth Dynasty marked the end of the great pyramid constructions during the O…"

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"Initial and final positions of the stylus on a record sitting on a turntable "

Wikipedia 'On this day': **December 5**

"December 5: Krampusnacht in parts of Central Europe Henry Knox's noble train of artillery 1757 – Seven Years' War: Prussian troops under Frederick the Great defeated Austrian forces at the Battle of Leuthen. 1775 – American Revolutionary War: Continental Army colonel Henry Knox arrived at Fort Ticond…"

Wikipedia 'Featured article': **December 4**

" Near-contemporary depiction of the battle The Battle of Pontvallain, part of the Hundred Years' War, took place in north-west France on 4 December 1370. A French army under Bertrand du Guesclin heavily defeated an English force which had broken away from an army commanded by Robert Knolles. The …"

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"Colorful neon street signs in Kabukichō, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. "

Wikipedia 'On this day': **December 4**

"December 4: Navy Day in India Jeremiah Horrocks observing the transit of Venus 1639 – English astronomer Jeremiah Horrocks made the first successful prediction and observation (depicted) of a transit of Venus. 1893 – First Matabele War: A patrol of 34 British South Africa Company soldiers was ambushe…"

Wikipedia 'Featured article': **December 3**

" The Princesse de Broglie is an oil-on-canvas painting by the French Neoclassical artist Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. Completed between 1851 and 1853, it shows Pauline de Broglie, who adopted the courtesy title princesse, and married Albert de Broglie, the 28th prime minister of France. She was…"

Wikimedia Commons 'Picture of the day': **December 3**

"Headlands of Point Reyes National Seashore, California. "

Wikipedia 'On this day': **December 3**

"December 3 Christiaan Barnard 1800 – War of the Second Coalition: French forces defeated Austrian and Bavarian troops at Hohenlinden, eventually resulting in the Austrians signing the Treaty of Lunéville. 1904 – Himalia, Jupiter's largest irregular moon, was discovered by Charles Dillon Perrine at th…"

Wikipedia 'Featured article': **December 2**

" Two males during breeding season The alpine newt (Ichthyosaura alpestris) is a species of newt native to continental Europe and introduced to Great Britain and New Zealand. Adults measure 7–12 cm (2.8–4.7 in) and are usually dark grey to blue on the back and sides, with an orange belly and throa…"

Wikimedia Commons 'Picture of the day': **December 2**

"Baldy Hill from Snowslide Valley, Craigieburn Range, Canterbury, New Zealand "

Wikipedia 'On this day': **December 2**

"December 2 The Coronation of Napoleon by Jacques-Louis David 1804 – Napoleon was crowned Emperor of the French (depicted) at Notre-Dame de Paris. 1899 – Philippine–American War: A 60-man Filipino rearguard was defeated at the Battle of Tirad Pass, but delayed the American advance long enough to ensur…"

Wikipedia 'Featured article': **December 1**

" Jack Crawford (1 December 1886 – 2 May 1963) was an English first-class cricketer who played mainly for Surrey County Cricket Club and for South Australia. An amateur, he played as an all-rounder. Unusually for a first-class cricketer, Crawford wore spectacles while playing. He played Test crick…"

Wikimedia Commons 'Picture of the day': **December 1**

"Church of San Juan el Real in the center of Calatayud, province of Zaragoza, Spain. The baroque church was built in the 17th and 18th century and hosts among others some of the oldest remaining paintings by Francisco de Goya in the pendentives of the main dome. "

Wikipedia 'On this day': **December 1**

"December 1: World AIDS Day; Great Union Day in Romania (1918) Rosa Parks 1577 – Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth I of England's principal secretary and spymaster, was knighted. 1822 – Pedro I was crowned the first emperor of Brazil seven weeks after his reign began on his 24th birthday. 1918 – With the …"

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"During difficult times, we discover a lot about ourselves. We also find out who our friends are. In 2020, millions of people found a good friend in Wikipedia. Some folks, like me, were stuck at home making sense of a changed w…"

Wikipedia 'Featured article': **November 30**

" Napoleon cannon, similar to those used by the battery Landis's Missouri Battery was an artillery battery that served in the Confederate States Army during the early stages of the American Civil War. The battery was formed in late 1861 and early 1862, and was crewed by a maximum of 62 men. It fi…"

Wikimedia Commons 'Picture of the day': **November 30**

"Piaskowa Island in Wrocław, Poland. Complex of the former Augustian Monastery (present-day Taube Department of Jewish Studies of the Wrocław University) and Saint Mary on the Sand Church, founded in 13th century. "

Wikipedia 'On this day': **November 30**

"November 30: Day of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare; Saint Andrew's Day (Christianity); Guru Nanak Gurpurab (Sikhism, 2020); Bonifacio Day in the Philippines WTO protestors in Seattle 1700 – Great Northern War: Swedish forces led by King Charles XII defeated the Russian army at the B…"

Wikipedia 'Featured article': **November 29**

" Okęcie Airport The Okęcie Airport incident was a dispute between the players and staff of the Poland national football team on 29 November 1980, climaxing at Okęcie Airport (pictured). It occurred at a time when civil resistance was intensifying in communist Poland and led to the suspension of …"

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