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because of the narrowness between the posts, went down a step and entered without knocking.

because of his intimate association with the feats of horsemanship.

because they are weary of repeating arguments to those who listen with a resolution never to be convinced.

because all who knew him liked him.

because the captain displayed too much caution according to their ideas; but the cooler-headed, among whom was Sergeant Corney, declared that it would be the height of folly for us to throw ourselves upon at least a thousand men when no great good could come from such a venture, and much of disaster to the Cause might result.

because your liver or something is out of sorts.

because it would seem a waste of time to be in Paris and bring nothing away from the shops.

because from her soaring height she looked down at the same moment upon them and upon their homes in the far Antilles.

because you had a bad habit of turning around like a flash in front of anything that frightened you, and bolting off the other way?

because a constable brought in his man.

because he serenely expected to win, and because there was back of him a silent, impalpable force as irresistible as the movement of a glacier.

because while the rain came down so furiously there was little chance the enemy's sentinels could see what might be going on at the southerly end of the fortification, and it seemed as if my opinion was shared by Colonel Willett, for he and the lieutenant were ready to leave at about ten o'clock.

because the business is hazardous at its best.

because I have had my own way all my life.

because of the daughters of Heth, if Jacob take to him a wife of that kindred, I will no longer live.

because otherwise, she would not stand by him so firmly.

because it wishes to be the intelligible of it.

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