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because they were better armed, better mounted, and better trained; they had two pair of pistols, a blunderbuss, a carbine, a helmet with a visor, and a coat of mail; they had several horses, and several attendants on foot.

because we believe you're concerned in the murder of John Marbury.

because they valued them as belonging to the Christians, whom they believed certainly to have come down from heaven, and they therefore earnestly desired to have something from them as a memorial.

because, if thou hadst served ten ages thou wouldst prove but a botcher, thou leapst from the shop-board to a blue coat, doth it become thee to use thy terms so?

because this 'ere company is fast becomin' a refuge for the aged and outcast.

because your measure to their faults was somewhat harder and your heart colder to them!

because you and Mitchell have known each other for eight years, and I've never met her yet.'

because he often sketched me and my lord in pen and ink.

because the lessons he had been having from the Rector would end in the fall, and of her firm intention of keeping him from living together with his two present comrades.

because he can tell roughly how long it takes for sands and shingles left by the sea to become covered with vegetation.

because I had heard Dr Ismail speak at the organic farmers' convention in Kottayam and had liked his talk very much.

because I could not have entirely my own way, to be pleased and encouraged when I could have the smallest part of it; and when even that could not be, to bear with complete equanimity the being overruled altogether.

because he was a believer in Savonarola, and because he positively refused to bind himself to any priestly dogma, or special form of worship whatever.

because she had thrown everything into her box and then with a little pushing had been able to put on the lid.

because their inference is, that they cannot be taxed.

because I would be with my Aunt and Uncle, and Lord Robert West; and I made up my mind to be very nice to Lord Bob, much nicer than I ever had been, if Ivor happened to run across us anywhere.

because he had always held him to be among his best friends and knew that his brother, Marcus Messala, was on very close terms with Cassius.

because for her it was evidently no laughing matter.

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