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because they had everything fixed up dandy.

because wiser men than I have often taken the same view already.

because she had loyally expected me to succeed, and would have thought the sky must be about to fall if I had failed.

because the sun was streaming into her face, but when she saw that Grant was looking her way she waved a handkerchief.

because iron does not float; yet now ships are seldom built of anything else, though the relative specific gravities of iron and water remain unchanged.

because I had no brothers and sisters, and my father never could realize that I was growing up.

because she had no illusions of rebuilding her finance and her national economy on an enemy indemnity.

because_ they have been, and continue to be, _deprived_ of it _by force_.

because he knows that through false teaching they do not trust and love him as they used to do.

because Rom travels quite a bit but also because, as I discovered, writing replies to letters is about the last thing these animal-dedicated persons have time for.

because Mr. John Effingham has talked of giving private entertainments on the Point.

because they were disorganised; and how they then found flesh and stood upright: and yet there was no life in them, till at last the Spirit came down and entered into them?

because there are seventy-four Poems--including the sonnets and odes--in this series, and because they cover a period ranging from 1802 to 1815.

because the nave and chancel seemed to me to be originally of the thirteenth century, and certainly the font is Norman.

because it is a perfect majesty; whose justice is mercy, whose power is goodness, its very sternness love, love which gives hope and counsel, and help and strength, and the true life which this world's death cannot destroy.

because of the arts of a false friend, for well do I know that Winfrida, seeing me coming to thee in the garden, kissed thee of set purpose, that, beholding, I might grieve.

because his majesty is advised by it to no other measures than those which he has already determined to pursue; for he has declared to me, sir, his intention of conferring the new commissions upon the officers who receive half-pay, before any other officers shall be promoted.

because of the uproar and the reverberation from the mountains, especially since the wind smote them in the face.

because they _must_--because of the power of our artillery, which never stops hammering them, whether on the line or behind the line, which interferes with all their communications and supplies, and makes life intolerable.

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