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because it was necessary, after passing the encampment, to make considerable of a detour in order to avoid, first, a battery of three guns, then one of four mortars, and, lastly, a battery of three more guns, all of which extended northwesterly from St. Leger's headquarters.

because, being no less solicitous for the welfare of their posterity than for their own, they were careful to record their sentiments in laws and statutes, and to prescribe, with the strongest sanctions, to succeeding governments, what they had discovered by their own reflections, or been taught by their predecessors.

because yer gittin' a property wuth a million for a quarter its value, nor because late in the day ye've squared an ugly account, but

because he wrapped his trunk around her waist and hoisted her up to his back.

because the world could not subsist without it; for, had all been rich, none could have submitted to the commands of another, or the necessary drudgeries of life; thence all governments must have been dissolved, arts neglected, and lands uncultivated, and so an universal penury have overwhelmed all, instead of now and then pinching a few.

because Jack Frost and Mother Nature make it, there is other ice, called artificial.

because his discourses, so elaborately worked out with polished diction, are more akin to poetry than to prose.

because I choose to exist, and get life from nothing; for I Am the Life, and give life to all things.

because at the day set he came not home.

because of the tremendous roots of the tree, and giving it up, thought of a better plan.

because it is well known that they once had the power of convincing this house, and that nothing has since happened to lessen their force, and because many of them now have been already repeated by the noble lords that have opposed the motion.

because that English one had an ugly eye.

because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinances, broken the everlasting covenant.

because in it is a spirit of unity and harmony.

because she knew Angus McRae could bring me up better than she could.

because they are the immediate effects of excess adrenalin in the blood upon the vegetative viscera and the muscles.

because they had as much land as they wanted, and the weather was always bright and beautiful; John, too, had his carpenter's tools to work with when he felt inclined; and, best of all, they had little Martin to love and think about.

because after many years' experience it is diligently followed, and a law was never necessary to prohibit the pursuit of a business by which nothing was to be gained.

because Nature made me cowardly, and meant me, therefore, to bear cowardice bravely.

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