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because he was ignorant of fresco-painting, since all the artists of the time understood it, and the pupil of Ghirlandajo had himself practised it, but because his fellow-students had had more experience in it, and he wished to be helped in a work of this importance.

because Mr. Panel's tuk a notion that it's a-floatin' on a lake of ile.

because they feel themselves oppressed; and though it might not unseasonably be hinted that they are at least formidable for their numbers, and have, sometimes, executed that justice which they had not interest to procure, and trampled upon that insolence that has dared to defy them; yet I shall not insist upon such motives, because it is notorious that discontent is epidemical in all ranks, and that condition and observation are far from appeasing it.

because they had been assured that they would be called upon to pronounce _pro_ or _con_ upon its results.

because it provided all their food.

because implicated in an insurrection of the citizens against the nobility, and settled at Strasburg, where, in 1427, we find him an established merchant, and sustaining a suit of breach of promise brought against him by a lady named Ann of the Iron Door, whom he afterward married.

because this part of the chain is lower, but because the surface rocks are chiefly porous lavas subject to comparatively rapid waste.

because of their numbers and because they had conquered once before, despised their opponents and rode up to the hill at dawn, before joining Labienus; as no one came out to meet them, they attacked it, charging straight up the incline.

because it is one, and possesses the form of good.

because that eases the pain, you know.

because he will not violate his conscience, and add his voice to those of sycophants, dependents, and prostitutes, the slaves of power, the drudges of a court, and the hirelings of a faction, is the highest degree of injustice and cruelty.

because I had only proved that Landis was a brave youngster with enough nerve for nine out of ten.

because they are as distinguished for other things as for traffic: they are not merely a commercial people--they are also agricultural, warlike, and literary; and thus the natural tendencies of commerce are mutually counteracted.

because automobiling has its own point of view, and certainly people have their own and widely varying views of automobiling.

because of the relaxation which follows the sudden tension of the mind; but if we remove the idea of the colonelcy from this position of anti-climax, the same couplet becomes energetic rather than ludicrous-- "Lieutenant-Colonel to the Earl of Mar, Then came Dalhousie, that great God of War."

because I flirted with him once or twice, Nick thought I was in earnest and now he's sulking.

because I had not the skill wherewith to fight him.

because the children found other absorbing interests, though at times nature still demands voice production.

because, whether consciously or unconsciously, we are always using first cause; and it was for this reason I emphasized the fact that the Universal Mind is purely subjective and therefore bound by the laws which apply to subjective mind on whatever scale.

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