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because I wanted a word with Monsieur Joseph, the head-waiter.

because when successful they forgot not the maxims of wisdom and prudence; and indeed it would have been matter of astonishment did they act otherwise.

because his presence is necessary to maintain the allegiance of the north country, and to curb its powerful warparty, his son in the meanwhile being left Governor during his absence.

because their corn had not yet been got in.

because the writer had never been in Russia; then it again rises, and shows no sign of falling off to the end.

because of any hope that God in His mercy will see fit to restore your shape, but solely because I love you.

because she was still confused a little, and then walked softly on, all the time afraid lest she should awake and lose the sweetness of it all, and the sense of rest and happiness.

because the liquids which he useth to prescribe to himself and his patients, on these distressing occasions, are ordinarily more conveniently to be found at these common hostelries, than in the shops and phials of the apothecaries.

because I took an interest in you from all I have heard.

because their fleet was away fighting Sextus and they were therefore not masters of the sea.

because the universal personalness is the root of all individual personalities, it finds its highest expression in response to those who realize its personal nature.

because of several bundles of papers they contained.

because few business men care to buy trouble even at a bargain.

because no one has ever known where a person's shadow goes when he dies.

because it interfered with his "observations," which, with "the change" he hoped for and partly realized, he would "_push_ along."

because Sir Horace Fewbanks had returned unexpectedly from Scotland.

because they did not debate vigorously, and even "protest;" but the odds were too much against them.

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