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because of its importance in showing what the "pioneers of liberty" wish, may be the end of the "home of liberty."

because from this island to Castile there are three hundred leagues of ocean, without any land intervening.

because of his wounds and by reason of his so great sorrow and heart-break.

because he thought I would be more patient while he took his measurements and made his investigations.

because the affairs of the three great Atlantic democracies have been largely in the hands not of selected men but of delegated men, men of intrigue and the party machine, of dodges rather than initiatives, second-rate men.

because the beauty and happiness of the whole depend altogether on the just inferiority of its parts; that is, on the comparative imperfections of the several beings of which it is composed.

because, if ye do say another word, I know a man as will drag you down out o' that cart, sir,--I know a man as will break your whip over your very own back, sir,--I know a man as will then take and heave you into the horse-pond, sir,--and that man is me--Sergeant Appleby, late of the Nineteenth Hussars, sir.

because he heard his sister Adelaide's voice, and was now asked if hers was the only voice he had heard.

because they had these two men to lead them up by the arms: they had likewise left their mortal garments behind them in the river; for though they went in with them, they came out without them.

because then for the first time Caesar alone held the entire power.

because it was square; and the boys generally rejected the doctor's name because of unpleasant-ideas connected with the word "lecture."

because he well knew, if he accepted an invitation of the kind from a relation of Zohák, that his father Sám and the King of Persia would be offended.

because they are strangers to a Divine commission and a Divine teaching.

because, knowing better than any but her Southern neighbours knew it the miserable anarchy of Mexico under the Republic, we regarded conquest as the one chance of regeneration for that country, and the Emperor Maximilian as a hero who had devoted himself to a task heroic at once in its danger and difficulty--the restoration of a people with whom his house had a certain historical connection to a place among the nations of the civilised world.

because it was an unjust tax, levied without their consent.

because none ought to be raised, as our old troops are sufficiently numerous for foreign service.

because he realized the difficulties facing him in that respect.

because time's flying so fast, some poet says.

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