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because they stood alone, and formed no part of a collection; and I, for one, would be happy to add something from the fauna and flora of those moorlands, where I have so long enjoyed the wonders of nature; never, I can honestly say, alone; because when man was not with me, I had companions in every bee, and flower, and pebble; and never idle,

because Jo's hands were as open as her heart, and to her all the sick and poor looked, not only for help, but for the rarer consolations of living sympathy and counsel.

because they might otherwise start on the wrong road, and nobody loves such children.

because thou hast done this thing, and hast not spared thine only son for me, I shall bless thee and shall multiply thy seed as the stars of heaven, and like the gravel that is on the seaside, thy seed shall possess the gates of their enemies, and in thy seed shall be blessed all the people of the earth, for thou obeyedst to me.

because the contestants were struggling for the greatest interests,--he could not attach himself to either side without danger.

because I doubted the immortality of man I should be charged with denying the existence of a God.

because it seemed so desirable and Lord Edwin's heart was so passionately set upon it, the mother was anxious.

because there were indications of oil, and he believed there would be a big strike here some day.

because they speak of God's rewarding men in this life; and that the promises of the New Testament are spiritual, because they speak of God's rewarding men in the next life; and what they mean by that, again, I do not clearly know.

because I might have known that nothing could have been discovered in time to get into the morning papers, for I hadn't posted the letter until nearly four o'clock.

because of a scurvy bit of an animal?

because they've beaten us now three times running; and the last time when our chaps went over to Wraxby and got licked at footer their captain asked Ally if in future we should like to play a master!

because she did not want to be an old maid.

because his universally-acknowledged beauties would be most apt to induce imitation; and I have treated rather on his faults than his perfections, because an essay might comprize all the observations I could make upon his faults, while volumes would not be sufficient for a treatise on his perfections.'

because it would make him hard-mouthed, and he would be apt to bite the birds when he was bringing them back to any person who was shooting with him.

because she had escaped and I couldn't.

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