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because Moses at his return from Mount Sinai, found that they had forged the golden calf from their wives' rings, enriched with precious stones.

because "little children, especially those under six, do not need to be schooled and taught, what they need is opportunity for development."

because the food was not enough to go around.

because he has the misfortune to have a fit of sulks?

because I wanted to see you before doing a thing which would mean certain ruin for du Laurier.

because it was getting dark fast and the sound of the water rushing and the sky all black made everything seem awful gloomy.

because I have took such extra precautions to have it perfectly noiseless.

because he realized the difficulties facing him in that respect.

because of it, and almost desperate.

because up till now none has been found which is entirely satisfactory.

because he knew aloe spikes are sharp.

because there is now no time for indulgence, or for delays; a nation universally corrupt, must be speedily reformed, or speedily ruined.

because it would have kept the thought a little longer before his mind, and thus prevented him from hurrying on to the next while this one was still imperfectly conceived.

because that's always the one thing that most campers who aren't used to it forget about--I mean digging a drain ditch outside their tent.

because either your representatives in Parliament have a deep sense of constitutional morality, or that the constituencies which select them have so much sense of constitutional justice that their representatives dare not disregard these fundamental decencies of liberty.

because he saw that it embarrassed his nieces.

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