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because she had determined to make him her heir, regardless of whether he ever came into the money left under such exacting conditions by his deceased uncle.

because _all_ of them are painted on each spot, and each on the same surface, and many other objects at the same time, no one is seen as a picture.

because, at that city, the pole is elevated thirty-five degrees and a half, and we had passed six degrees beyond the equinoctial line.

because they found everything desolate, without people by land or sea, they agreed unanimously not to enter any more rivers, but to run ahead, and thus they did; for by day they ran under full sail, drawing so near to the land as possible to see if they could make out any village or beach, which as yet they had not seen; and by night they stood away to sea and ran under shortened sail.

because a tax implies a license granted for the use of that which is taxed, to all who shall be willing to pay it.

because of the spirit of France--this woman does better than men on the light munition work, and equals, yes, equals her menfolk on the heavy shells.

because he was neither bad, nor stupid, nor bad-looking.

because my money isn't unlimited; but I don't believe you will have to go over five hundred thousand francs.

because now they'd have a hard job finding him, especially because I knew he didn't give his right name.

because they've tampered with the Consular seals and things.

because of them that we anchored off the point yonder, and explored this coast.

because I couldn't come right out and tell him the plain truth about that key.

because you can do it for yourself.

because I grow more and more wicked every night.

because it cannot be charged with improbability, and because I think it may be easily reconciled with my own assertions; for cowardice abroad produces treachery at home, and they become traitors to their country who are hindered by cowardice from the prosecution of her interest, and the opposition of her enemies.

because an English actor, or a French dancer, performed there; yet on such occasions the theatres overflow.

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