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because she seemed to enjoy it as a child enjoys exploiting the possibilities of a new toy.

because people were allowed their proper liberty and the consciousness of freely, sharing in a great Empire.

because some fifty books will be discussed in this work, which emanate from German universities.

because of their interest at the present day, but because they produced such men as Littledale, Bayley, Parke (afterwards Lord Wensleydale), Alderson, Tindal, Patteson, Wightman, Crompton, Vaughan Williams, James, Willes, and, later, Blackburn.

because only one nation or group of nations is wicked, the others being good.

because he wanted to ride, and it is always interesting to draw out a child; his story of the town and its famous places was, of course, the one he had learned from the others, but his comments were his own, and the incongruity of going over the sacred ground in an automobile had its effect.

because he committed his crime on that sacred day, was to have one of his ears cut off.

because a task has once been done is no proof that it may be accomplished a second time.

because these twain loved each other passing well the way of the one was ever the way of the other so that they dwelt together in a wondrous amity, and as their hearts were pure and strong so waxed they in body so that there was none could cope with them at hand-strokes nor bear up against the might of their lances, and O, methinks in all this fair world nought was there fairer than the love of these two brethren!

because he wrote a novel once, and sent it to _The Ronleian_ to come out so much each month, and they wouldn't have it.

because the harvest-beer was to be of a lower specific gravity.

because he would, no doubt, follow and disturb Mrs. Cartwright.

because it _was_ her duty, but as a means toward an end, Psyche fell to work with a will, hoping to serve both masters at once.

because they are not successfully utilitarian, and because they appeal to the emotions instead of to the reason.

because we knew The Little Round Man--that's what we used to call McGraw--wouldn't let this one go by without saying _something_.

because I saw you studying plants and reading from a book which you carry.

because he knew the game was up in East Africa, and thought that he had better behave properly, lest the retribution, that would be sure to follow, would fall heavily upon him.

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