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because I have read some of them at this table.

because you've discovered that your--your--ancestor--wasn't quite respectable.

because after rain, and when in a certain degree of putrefaction, it is reduced to a consistency which, together with its colour, makes it not unlike butter.

because our solicitous friends were sure the stones would cut the rubber tires.

because Sir Stephen is going to sign the articles to-night, going to bring the thing to a conclusion.

because she could bear the silence no longer, she spoke--in a voice that sounded strangely faint, and far-away, and that shook and trembled in spite of her.

because she is the child of only a friend, and not my own natural daughter.

because of a scurvy bit of an animal?

because it is authority, go a step too far.

because she could advance more odd suggestions than the other girls, and this niece had a practical aptitude for carrying out her whimsical ideas that had long since won her uncle's respect.

because he wanted to leave me in the lurch.

because when it got into better hands it stood some chance of being applied to more legitimate purposes.

because I do know him to be as he is, that I most reverence him, great Doge.

because he is so heartily humane,--humane, not merely as regards man in the abstract, but as regards man in the concrete.

because I took an interest in you from all I have heard.

because the almanac or the Family-Bible says that it is about time to do it, I have no intention of doing any such thing.

because of its strained applications, but nothing very definite has taken its place.

because he was ignorant of fresco-painting, since all the artists of the time understood it, and the pupil of Ghirlandajo had himself practised it, but because his fellow-students had had more experience in it, and he wished to be helped in a work of this importance.

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