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because it is bound to it, and the wolves pursue.

because we know that they are the movement of the Universal in ourselves, and that being based upon our fundamental recognition of the Life, Love, and Beauty which the Spirit is, their unfoldments must carry these initial qualities with them all down the line, and thus, in however small a degree, becomes a portion of the working of the Spirit in its inherent creativeness.

because you were proud and would not go back.

because injurious to its health, to attempt by purgatives to obtain more frequent relief.

because I had not been put in another car.

because it was through that beautiful boy we first got really acquainted, Olaf.

because thy Florio loves, Forsake the giddy glitt'ring throng, With him to dwell in peaceful groves, With him to hear the shepherd's song?

because universal reasons perpetually subsist in the essence of the soul, were of opinion that these reasons are ideas: for though they separate them from the universal in sensible natures, yet it is not proper to conjoin in one and the same the reason of soul, and an intellect such as ours, with paradigmatic and immaterial forms, and demiurgic intellections.

because it had been procured for him through the influence of Lord Steyne, whose patronage was odious to him, as he had been the means of ruining the Colonel's homelife.

because too much of what we call virtue is negative, and selfish, and frost-bound,--cold storage virtue,--the poor piety which terminates in a trembling anxiety to save our own souls.

because it is so unmoved, and because he can pour forth his feverish ejaculations before it as unreservedly as to his bed-post.

because as long as you don't interfere with him he doesn't seem to care much what any one does.

because of the necessity of conserving the water allowance.

because--" She paused and the blood came to her skin when she went on: "You see, it's important you should float the wreck and bring her home.

because of this the boy received the recompense of becoming a king of the iron wheel, to rule over Jambudvîpa.

because he had ordered his supper at his hotel.

because Jo's hands were as open as her heart, and to her all the sick and poor looked, not only for help, but for the rarer consolations of living sympathy and counsel.

because it provides data of the utmost value to the student of the endocrine basis of human personality.

because of his peaceable reign and good government.

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