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because of the necessity of conserving the water allowance.

because--" She paused and the blood came to her skin when she went on: "You see, it's important you should float the wreck and bring her home.

because of this the boy received the recompense of becoming a king of the iron wheel, to rule over Jambudvîpa.

because he had ordered his supper at his hotel.

because Jo's hands were as open as her heart, and to her all the sick and poor looked, not only for help, but for the rarer consolations of living sympathy and counsel.

because it provides data of the utmost value to the student of the endocrine basis of human personality.

because of his peaceable reign and good government.

because he wished to prove his hunting triumphs, and his chums to see the evidence of his valor.

because he raised a 'holler', my football prospects are set back for this year.

because it was held under the authority of a Territorial Legislature superior to the Convention--it was solemnly and unequivocally condemned.

because as long as you don't interfere with him he doesn't seem to care much what any one does.

because it said, that, if I did not wish you to live long for your sake, I did for the sake of myself and the world.'

because I want to promote universal brotherhood that I have taken up non-co-operation so that, by self-purification, India may make the world better than it is.

because there were no "Especially instructed clappers."

because they are polite, and it don't cost anything to clap hands, and the performers turn some more flip flaps, and go running out to the dressing-room, and take a peek back into the big tent as though expecting an encore, but the audience has forgotten them and is looking for the next mess of performers, and the ones who have just been in go and lie down on straw and wonder if they can hit the treasurer for an advance on their salaries, so they can go to a beer garden and forget it all.

because he felt so sure of his footing that he allowed himself a liberty of movement perplexing to those whose position was one of more delicate balance.

because he became the adopted son of an ogress, at whose breast he nursed.

because you are a laborious, ill-bred Tradesman, I must be bound to be a mean Citizen's Wife.

because he made a mystery of himself.

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