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because they were so extremely light considering the strength of the defences captured and the difficulties of the ground, namely: 8 officers killed and 24 wounded, 98 other ranks killed, 420 wounded and 3 missing, a total of 553.

because I refused to work at the guns, I was arrested, to be flogged in the morning, hung or shot at the pleasure of Captain Snipes.

because he is so great, so majestic, so glorious; because his greatness, and majesty, and glory is a moral and spiritual greatness, which shows itself by stooping to the meanest, by listening to the most foolish, helping the weakest, pitying the worst, even while it is bound to punish.

because I interfered between you and Dorothy Fairfax?

because he was a traitor and deserved it.

because the inhabitants had cut the throat of a sleeping ambulance attendant.

because I've caused the old gent a lot of trouble.

because there was any deficiency in the supply of milk, for it was ample, and the infant thriving upon it; but because, having become a nurse, she was told that it was usual and necessary, and that without it her milk and strength would ere long fail.

because he has consented to throw his atom of interest into the general mass of the community.

because it is contrary to their expectations, has caused it be very commonly admitted that a Deist may be truly religious: but if religion stands for any graces of character and not for mere dogma, the assertion may equally be made of many whose belief is far short of Deism.

because it would be more embarrassing to leave us out of it.

because the cliff rose sheer on one flank while the icy St Lawrence lashed the other.

because in the summer Sadie and I had planted seeds--I helped her dig the holes, you know,--and after days and days a little shrub or a flower came up there, and it was a wonder how that could happen; but it did, and I wished I could talk,--I would have told those people about it and shown them how much I knew, and been all alive with the subject; but I didn't care for the optics; it was dull, and when they came back to it again it bored me, and I went to sleep.

because "nothing but good can come of such contemplations of the future, and because it is eminently calculated to awaken the most lofty anticipations of the destiny which awaits them, and will serve to impress upon the nation the necessity of being prepared for such high destiny."

because they are our friends, and we wish them to share in the good things of our lives,--our work and our play.

because their own weary limbs, and those of their trembling horses, refused to carry them any further.

because they cannot defend them, or affect an appearance of concealing them, when in reality they have yet projected nothing, and draw the veil with uncommon care, only lest it should be discovered that there is nothing behind it; as when palaces are shown, those apartments which are empty, are carefully locked up.

because when our dear young knight, L.E., has killed _her_ Dragon, she will have wiped out the whole brood!

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