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because Jo's hands were as open as her heart, and to her all the sick and poor looked, not only for help, but for the rarer consolations of living sympathy and counsel.

because there had been so many healthy-looking men around, as a general thing.

because she sinned in the fruit, she is punished in her fruit, when it was said to her: Thou shalt bring forth children in sorrow; in the pain of sorrow standeth the curse, but in bringing forth of children is a blessing.

because my spirit hath need of room.

because the situation seemed to his mind to offer the opportunity; now a blow from her had accomplished the work of a haughty look in drawing-room encounters with those other young men.

because of Darwin's nose, a typical pituitary proboscis.

because men nowadays, if they were put to it, could not, on the average, write as good letters as ever (the average although we certainly have no Lambs, and perhaps no Walpoles or Southeys to raise it, would probably be higher), but because the conditions that call for and develop the epistolary art have largely passed away.

because it amounts in reality to buying his seat.

because it was too trifling a matter.

because sight itself is neither body nor that which is colored.

because the evidence to be procured by it, is the testimony of men, partners, by their own confession, in the crimes which they reveal.

because he is good and sleeps late.

because it interested him passionately from the psychological point of view, and far more, naturally, because he had hopes of persuading her in time.

because we don't want to know these things.

because of all these things; but as a public figure it would be impossible to see him alone in his own tent, and unless Louise could meet him alone half her power over him--supposing that she still retained any--would be lost.

because its temperature is reduced by the eggs before the interior dilation can take place.

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