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because," as they said, "when they had drawn me to the proposing point, I was too handsome to be good for anything as a husband--I did very well for a beau.

because the respect of the multitude always attaching itself principally to that which, in the existing state of society, is the chief passport to power; and under English institutions, riches, hereditary or acquired, being the almost exclusive source of political importance; riches, and the signs of riches, were almost the only things really respected, and the life of the people was mainly devoted to the pursuit of them.

because nothing was to be gained by informing against them, and others were encouraged by their example to imitate them, though with more secrecy and caution; of those, indeed, many were punished, but many more escaped, and such as were fined often found the profit greater than the loss.

because language is one of my hobbies.

because found wanting when weighed in the stern balances of natural and social law?

because of accidents near the lightship.

because I had not the skill wherewith to fight him.

because they believed them to be rights.

because of their general character of apparent truth and fairness, and in the absence of any similar reports from the other side.

because as the Center of _all_ Being it is the center of our own being also.

because they wear American soldiers' uniforms.

because it is masked by that very boulder- clay of which I spoke in my last paper.

because probably it fell out of Lieutenant Donnelle's pocket along with the change that he spilled all over the deck.

because he considered himself greatly indebted to him for something he had said to Mrs Wilson, and which had given him a good deal to think about.

because I did not consult you, I did not think of you.

because I happened to be born in England.

because they present to our souls images of the things which occupy them, and they can draw our will towards the pleasures which correspond with these objects.

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