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because they knew it was made upon false suppositions, and in prospect of a recompense that never would be granted.

because they use the similar media of rhythm, language, or harmony either singly or combined.

because the Hucks boy was considerably older than they, he took care of them, to a great extent, and the three youngsters were always together.

because we had a letter from Captain Savage, saying that we should wait in the anchorage off St. George at Staten Island, until he came and got us.

because he had shown her, what the simple word _man_ meant.

because she was his guest, and a chief must protect his guest.

because there was something remarkable in my leaving them at so early an age, not being full thirteen, I had drawn up an account of the whole transaction, under which I had included the main of the controversy between them and the Established Church as far as it had come to my knowledge.

because you were drunk--isn't that true?

because she happened to hint it was the sun, when he affirmed the moon shone brightly at noonday.

because I should hate carrying it out, because I should hate telling this man of things which are really no concern of anyone but ourselves.

because it made the conduct of the Government an example of gross public immorality, through the predominance of private over public interests in the State, and the abuse of the powers of legislation for the advantage of classes.

because no ideas or facts are presented to the child that he cannot clearly understand and verify.

because it is _easier_ to feel than to think.

because why?--because she don't know nothing whatever about it.

because we have quarrelled in the past, we are destined so to continue unless some such strong power like the British keep us by force of arms from flying at each other's throats.

because Crook was not a good loser: he lost his head and his temper as well as his money; and I have ever observed through life that the man who loses his temper loses himself and his friends.

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