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because the worst that can be feared is, that it may be without effect.

because I had known more of her than you had,--going to school with her every day;" and then Mary told what she had known, and what she had seen herself, winding up with, "But I didn't like to tell you all this before I had certain proof, for I wanted to be fair, you know.

because it brings back old memories and relieves us from the toils of business and the restraints of conventional life.

because jealous of the extraordinary power he showed in his art.

because of a disinclination to eat entirely alone.

because we believe you are the proper man?

because I should hate carrying it out, because I should hate telling this man of things which are really no concern of anyone but ourselves.

because they impair fundamental rights of individuals, are as emphatic a negation of an absolute democracy as can be found in any form of government.

because such a demand had been made; but, badly frightened by General Schuyler's display of force, he finally consented, since he could do nothing better, and the colonists marched to Johnson Hall, where the surrender was made.

because they themselves raise the thorns; and a disorderly place, because their own tempers and desires are disorderly; and a wilderness,

because trade was never very energetic and orders never very large.

because his father started a prosperous line, and another because he long since made a lucky plunge.

because you could not afford to travel in the latter, you would be fined at the circuit mess, whose notions of propriety and economy were always at variance.

because she did not know his name.

because I moved in a fearful darkness, quite beyond the pale light from the furnace room, I lost the path.

because--(and he smiled in spite of his sufferings)--because hoarding is one of the pleasures of old men.

because there were more leaders concerned.

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