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because, of course, the process in some degree exonerates us.

because they thrill with an immortal and imperishable emotion.

because he, as he says, drinks water, his purpose being to sit up at night and compose speeches against us,--though he brings up his son in such drunkenness that the latter is sober neither night nor day.

because Jesus Himself did so--giving Himself up utterly--that God has so highly exalted Him and given Him a name above every name.

because I envied or hated them, but because I disapproved their conduct; I shall continue to oppose measures equally destructive with equal zeal, by whomsoever they are projected, or by whomsoever patronised.

because it is inherently stronger, its secretion potential, that is, the amount of secretion it can put forth as a maximum, is greater (so explaining the term dominant)--or because a past experience has conditioned it to respond, although the opposing endocrine system does not.

because he thought I wanted him to.

because the critics have seldom held the true purpose of Style steadily before their eyes, and still seldomer justified their canons by deducing them from psychological conditions?

because most of the wounds on which it is found have been made by fire, the exuding sap is stained on the charred surface, and the hardened sugar becomes brown.

because they may die if we do not get them away from that dreadful pest-house.

because it helps them to get on in the world.

because if you use your mind at all it gets more or less dingy, just like using anything else.

because of Maxine and the British Foreign Secretary, apply to the police for help, I determined to lose no more time before consulting a private detective, a man whose actions I could control, and to whom I need tell only as much of the truth as I chose, without fear of having the rest dragged out of me.

because nor eyes nor tongues Shall by loud Larums that the poore boy lives Question thy false report, the child shall closely, Mantled in darknesse, forthwith be conveyed To the Monastery of Saint _Paul_.

because all measures, by which his majesty's government is made unpopular, must in the end be destructive to the nation.

because the law of the whole is also the law of the part we may at once say that what is wanted is for the Spirit _to see itself in us_--in other words, to find in us the Reciprocal which, as we have seen, is necessary to its Enjoyment of a certain Quality of Consciousness.

because there really was not time for it.

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