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because the money from her salary was needed back home in Scotland.

because of those prayers which the father and the mother pour forth to Him, although they cry with anguish and with tears.

because their opinions keep even pace with, or precede the actual condition of society; whereas, those who have thought and observed most on such subjects, agree in thinking the very reverse to be the case.

because hasty speech confounds the memory, and oftentimes, besides the unseemliness, drives the man either to stammering, a non-plus, or harping on that which should follow; whereas a slow speech confirmeth the memory, addeth a conceit of wisdom to the hearers, besides a seemliness of speech and countenance[732].

because they have lately allowed a very few of their number peaceably to imitate Mr. Rarey, and find out what nature--or rather, to speak at once reverently and accurately, He who made nature--is thinking of, and obey the "voluntatem Dei in rebus revelatam."

because some one has departed from misery to happiness, is not alone supremely ridiculous [though _that_ is bad enough], but it is sublimely preposterous and [what is yet more] disgraceful to the last degree of shame.

because she sez as 'ow your 'ome being in America, you couldn't really need the furnitur',--nor yet want the furnitur',--an' blest if she wasn't talkin' of handing you the money back again.

because there have been let loose in the blood from the glands of internal secretion the chemical substances that set going the clockwork of sequential incidents elaborated and repeated through countless aeons of time.

because they were according to rule, and in imitation of good models.

because I was getting discouraged, and in my heart I thought maybe Skinny would have to go.

because he has invited over zeal from the dentist.

because this little chapter is a little lesson, a brief extract from Sacred Scripture, the head or the beginning of the Epistle of the Mass of the Feast (Gavantus, Bona).

because in it is a spirit of unity and harmony.

because she had something else that had been given her to do.

because I am trying to find out what I really do think on certain economic and social subjects.

because calm and clear-sighted; he sees what can be done, and does it.

because, forsooth, I had sold goods, which every one of them did also, and had tried to sell them fair.

because anything, the very least, done with a good will, is Something.

because the moon is composed of two sorts of matter, that are differently affected towards the earth in its revolution round that planet, the same parts of its surface always maintain some relative position to us, which thus necessarily causes the singularity of her turning on her axis precisely in the time in which she revolves round the earth.

because I seen he didn't take no luggage, an' thet boy has some sporty clothes.

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