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because they are neighbours," said Miss Daggett; "and that's why I came in here to-day, to let you understand my ideas on this matter.

because it could not be left alone in the world.

because they had run but fifty paces, should laugh at those who ran a hundred paces?

because he had been seen going backwards and forwards to a wood, in which it appeared he had hidden two horses whom he had been trying to feed.

because he sought man, for to man he had now become as deadly an enemy as Gray Wolf herself.

because, after all, I fancied that you must be a dream, that you didn't really exist, that that voyage had never existed.

because he has dared not only in this case but in all other cases to use the honor and kindness that you bestowed against you.

because of their unkindness, and repented them full sore of that they had mocked them the day before.

because we have lost one who was so dear to William and me, but from tender love to John and an intimate knowledge of him.

because his slaves were never _fully_ emancipated.

because of the struggle, but because they are intended to serve the nation.

because I was trying to help Skinny.

because it did not understand, and in desperate straits for the commonest stuff in the world,--why, that was no matter to be opened between us.

because they flocked around his person, he thought they must needs love him; and because they smiled, and flattered him, he thought surely that his conduct was approved by all the wise and good.

because I interfered between you and Dorothy Fairfax?

because I had found out he wasn't Armand.

because, it seems, there had been a little talk about him and me, which she had heard.

because he would be advancing his master's interests and not his own, and furthermore dreading his jealousy and anger, spent the time in devising means not for achieving success and drawing down his enmity, but for pleasing him by remaining quiet.

because he had heard other men cough like this, and that for generations his sledge-dog ancestors had heard men cough as Radisson coughed--and had learned what followed it.

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