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because, perhaps, it may some time be vain hereafter; or that we ought now to sink into slavery without a struggle, because the time may come, when our strongest efforts will be ineffectual.

because he has got to have sailors; but most of his crew are nothing but plain cut-throats.

because they disdain to appear to have been kindly treated by any persons, since they will seem to be the weaker of the two, and partly because they are irritated at the idea that they will be thought to have been injured by anybody with impunity, since that will imply cowardice on their part.

because I have any thing to say, as because I hope for an answer; and the vacancy of my life here makes a letter of great value.

because the first Bible, known as Coverdale's, and several editions of the Testament, translated by Tyndale, had been previously printed abroad in secrecy.

because it makes three people happy instead of one.

because the sun was shining, but because he felt good.

because I know his complete fearlessness, and his blind faith in a people who are unworthy of it.

because all matter is form in capacity, whether it be the first matter which is perfectly formless, or the second which subsists according to body void of quality, or in other words mere triple extension, to which it is likely those directed their attention who first investigated sensibles, and which at first appeared to be the only thing that had a subsistence.

because it did not protect its birds.

because every hand was treading for mussels in the creeks and small rivers for thirty miles around Carson.

because I feared they would see us as we went back and then they would get away from us entirely.

because he was not a professional rhetorician, but a man of affairs.

because Faenza and Rimini were already under the protection of the latter; and the armies of Italy, from whom he might expect material service, were in the hands of those who had the most reason to apprehend the aggrandizement of the papal power, such as the Orsini, the Colonni, and their partisans.

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